Table of Contents: April 2012

High-tech DC revitalizes iHerb's operations
Online retailer's fulfillment activities get a shot in the arm with the opening of a new automated DC.
Slow steam ahead Slow steam ahead
Slowing container ships to a sea crawl saves fuel and cuts carbon. It also has implications for customers' supply chains.
Palletpalooza! Palletpalooza!
There were pallets aplenty at the inaugural Modex 2012 show in Atlanta. Here's a look at just a few of the more interesting pallet products on display.
LNG – the road to stable truck rates? LNG – the road to stable truck rates?
Trucks fueled by liquid natural gas might offer shippers an escape from fuel price pain.
The U.S. <strike>Postal</strike> Parcel Service The U.S. Postal Parcel Service
Parcels may not save the USPS, but they may help the Eagle fly above the digital tsunami until it somehow rights itself.
The power's in the people: interview with Tracy Maylett The power's in the people: interview with Tracy Maylett
It's important to understand what really determines the long-term effectiveness of a supply chain, says consultant Tracy Maylett. And it's not the technology or the process.

Techwatch: What you should know about cloud computing
"Cloud" software apps can be a great choice for distribution operations. But you have to pick the right delivery model.
Basic Training: What's ahead for LSPs?
Some recent reports have suggested the outsourcing boom is about to go bust. We don't buy it.
Outbound: Who doesn't want a piece of the infrastructure pie?
The long-stalled surface transportation bill may be the best single example of pork barrel spending you'll ever come across.
Problem Solved: Problem: Unreadable bar-code labels
The solution for cookware maker World Kitchen was a printer with verification technology that ensures shipping labels are 100 percent scannable, 100 percent of the time.
Fastlane: A tried-and-true route to shaving freight expenses
Looking to cut transportation costs and the number of trucks on the road? Consolidation programs, also known as "shared services," might be the solution.
Big Picture: A new way to look at DC performance
Focusing strictly on what got done in a DC without consideration of **ital{how} it got done can potentially damage supply chains in a number of ways.
No material handling student left behind ...
New MHIA fund to provide travel grants for material handling teachers, students.
Retailers shift focus from cost cutting to growth
Study shows retail supply chains striving to balance costs with demands of growth, customer service.
Five fast international trade predictions
Trade expert expects to see new fees or taxes, strained waterfront labor relations, and more this year.
Do you know a supply chain "Hall of Famer"?
Do you know someone who deserves a place in the supply chain "hall of fame"?
NASSTRAC conference offers roadmap for an uncertain world
Whether you're a buyer or a provider of transportation services, your world is an uncertain one.
You ought to be in pictures ...
Logistics is made for the movies—after all, it is a business built around motion.
Industry gives generously all year 'round
You expect to hear about charitable donations around the holidays, but in the material handling and logistics industry, generosity knows no season.
Brave new world of logistics
These days, it's hard enough to predict what will happen next month, let alone several decades from now.
Parcel fight heads to California court as industry debates the fallout
Damage to consultants in the eyes of the beholder.
UPS launches mass rollout of driver handheld device
Scanner touted as most powerful, functional handheld ever built.
Servigistics and MCA Solutions complete merger
Deal brings two service parts software pioneers under a single umbrella.
Senate passes transport funding bill
Legislation cracks down on alleged abuses by truck brokers.
For the conveyor industry, one good year begets another
After double-digit gains in 2011, industry group projects continued growth in 2012. buys Kiva Systems Inc.
Giant online retailer to acquire the maker of robotic order-fulfillment technology for $775 million.
Warehouse rents poised for big increase, Prologis co-chief predicts
Aging facilities to reduce supply, global trade to increase demand, says largest industrial property developer.
Recyclers, investors step into the logistics business
Last August, Waste Management Inc., a major provider of waste management services, got into the logistics business.
FedEx chief throws cold water on talk to counter UPS offer for TNT Express
Path to success in Europe is through organic growth, says FedEx CEO.
YRC requests amendment to its loan covenants
Unclear if lenders will agree to proposed change in terms.
DOT warns truckers of scam letters
Fraudulent letters from fictitious DOT procurement officer seek financial information.