Table of Contents: November 2011

The Florida factor
The Port of Miami has fought an uphill battle to compete with rivals for Florida-bound international sea freight. The expanded Panama Canal may level the playing field.
Behind delivering "wow" Behind delivering "wow"
When your business is built on stellar service—delivering "wow"—you can't afford to stumble. gets the support it needs from automated handling equipment.
Taming the trucks Taming the trucks
Looking to bring order to a chaotic freight yard? There's an app for that.
Reverse the (hazmat) curse Reverse the (hazmat) curse
Reverse logistics operations are particularly prone to hazmat violations because employees aren't always aware they're handling hazardous goods. Here's how to minimize risk to your operation.
Teaching an old dog new tricks
Cookware company Meyer knew that overhauling its poorly performing palletizer and conveyors could improve productivity at the dock. What the company didn't expect was to stumble upon a whole new use for the equipment.
Goodbye, milk runs Goodbye, milk runs
With space in short supply, Dutch dairy company FrieslandCampina was forced to shuttle milk bottled at a Belgian plant off site for storage. A sophisticated automated warehouse brought an end to all that.
Keeping track of all the moving parts: interview with D.G. Macpherson Keeping track of all the moving parts: interview with D.G. Macpherson
With a catalog of over 1 million products, W.W. Grainger aims to clean up in the facility maintenance market. It's D.G. Macpherson's job to keep the orders flowing smoothly.

Basic Training: Risky business
Contingency planning may not be your top priority right now. But remember, it's not just Californians who should prepare for The Big One.
Techwatch: For best results, add carrot
Thinking about trying labor management software in your DC? Look for a program that lets you set up performance incentives for workers.
Outbound: "Imagineering" a supply chain
Disney's supply chain isn't built to support a specific product or service. It's about creating a magical experience.
Fastlane: Are you certifiable?
A new three-level certification program offered by CSCMP will let you show you know your supply chain stuff.
Jobs understood supply chain's role in company's success
Apple founder and CEO's vision influenced the way many companies design, manufacture, and deliver products.
U.S., Uzbek diplomatic talks focus on Afghan supply routes
President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton talk distribution networks with their Uzbek counterparts.
Ship disaster photos show fate of containers lost overboard
Photos of a containership run aground off New Zealand's coast are both fascinating and instructive.
New shipping industry group to help victims of maritime piracy
The Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme will offer medical and counseling support to seafarers traumatized by pirate attacks.
Sheffi, C&S Wholesale win prestigious Salzberg Medallions
Syracuse University, home of the country's first transportation program, recognizes MIT professor, grocery industry pioneer for contributions to supply chain management.
New recycling labels to debut in 2012
Pilot program will test label designed to promote recycling through better instructions.
MHIA names George Prest new CEO
John Nofsinger to retire Dec. 31.
GSP renewal gives with one hand, takes away with the other
Legislation to renew the Generalized System of Preferences' duty reductions will also raise the Merchandise Processing Fee.
GOP weighing expanded energy development to fund infrastructure programs
Fees, royalties, and taxes could flow to Highway Trust Fund, top lawyer says.
"We can't talk out of both sides of our mouth anymore"
Most truck shippers know they've had it good for a long time. Will their attitudes change as the pendulum starts swinging the other way?
Company launches parcel consolidation service
New service promises large discounts to small, mid-sized shippers.