Table of Contents: July 2011

Who are this year's Rainmakers?
DC Velocity announces this year's Rainmakers honorees, 15 professionals who have made a lasting contribution to the supply chain management profession.
Tips to beat the truckload capacity crunch Tips to beat the truckload capacity crunch
Experts say there are ways to ease the squeeze, but it will require a change in mindset.
Does your conveyor need a tune-up? Does your conveyor need a tune-up?
If output has slipped or your system is jamming, it may be time for a professional audit.
The new dynamics of site selection The new dynamics of site selection
It's no longer all about the rent. When shippers evaluate DC sites nowadays, their top concern is transportation.
Is RFID dead? Definitely not! Is RFID dead? Definitely not!
New research shows that while RFID adoption hasn't followed the predicted path, it's far from a failed technology.

Big Picture: Walgreens wins big with unique employment program
Since launching a program to employ people with disabilities at one of its DCs, Walgreens has seen a drop in turnover and absenteeism.
Basic Training: What it takes to be a leader
Rudy Giuliani has it. So does Steve Jobs. The control freak in the next office who hogs all the credit does not.
Techwatch: Lessons learned in IT outsourcing
Outsourcing software development can be a great way to handle IT overload. You just have to avoid some pitfalls.
Fastlane: An ounce of prevention ...
There's no fail-safe method for protecting DCs against theft. But these precautions can minimize the risk.
Outbound: A peaceful coexistence?
Relations between trucking and rail interests have hit a 20-year low. That's bad news for all of us.
"Hoppy hour" a hit at WERC conference
First-ever "Beer 'n Bull" session explores connections (both genuine and spurious) between warehousing, logistics, and beer.
Not ready for mobile commerce? Better get moving
As more consumers start using smart phones for shopping, retailers may have to rethink their replenishment strategies.
What truck drivers want
European study shows drivers place a premium on job security, their own equipment.
Creativity bubbles up at annual competition
Latest Bubble Wrap Competition for Young Inventors inspires entries like "Floating Garden of Bubble-On" and "Uber Bubble Glove."
Forever young? Not these pallets
At its new Florida testing facility, CHEP "ages" pallets as a way of predicting long-term performance.
Dedola announces "Name that language" contest
Global freight forwarder launches video challenge as part of 35th anniversary celebration.
White paper demystifies "outsourcing contract governance"
Free report presents a framework for successful outsourcing agreements.
Changes in "dim weight" formula proving a windfall for parcel carriers
Revised pricing formula amounts to near 20-percent rate hikes on low-density domestic and international shipments.
NTI head: Drug testing change will shrink driver pool by 15 percent
Move to hair follicle testing will mean fewer applicants survive drug screening process, says head of National Transportation Institute.
Ohio county to seek tenants for former DHL air hub
Two years after DHL's departure, efforts to redevelop Wilmington Air Park get under way.
Has the great inventory rebuild run its course?
Latest data point to slowdown in orders, inventory contraction.
New UPS service simultaneously picks up returned item and delivers replacement
UPS says its Returns Exchange service will be the first in North America to combine delivery and pickup to support reverse logistics operations.
Hytrol president cautiously optimistic about conveyor market
Conveyor executive predicts double-digit sales growth for industry in 2011, 2012.
UPS rocks Live Nation's world
UPS' new agreement with concert promoter Live Nation expands its involvement in event logistics.
State of Logistics Report: U.S. logistics costs hit $1.2 trillion in 2010
Expenditures up $114 billion over '09 figures.
NRF study: Retail cargo theft extends beyond stores to supply chains
Study shows most thefts occur while cargo is en route from DC to stores.
Industrial property segment continues long, slow comeback
Jones Lang LaSalle report says demand for so-called "big box" distribution centers is propping up industrial property sector.