Table of Contents: July 2010

Who are this year's Rainmakers?
DC VELOCITY announces this year's Rainmakers honorees, 16 professionals who have made a lasting contribution to the supply chain management profession.
Conveyor makers roll with demand Conveyor makers roll with demand
Customers today want equipment that's greener, more versatile, and more efficient than the machinery offered in the past. Manufacturers have responded with an array of new models and accessories.
Keeping pallets from getting lost in the shuffle Keeping pallets from getting lost in the shuffle
At H&M Bay's fast-paced transloading operation, an RFID tracking system ensures that no pallet of frozen goods is left behind.
ASICS keeps pace with growing demand ASICS keeps pace with growing demand
ASICS America's single distribution center couldn't keep up with surging demand for its athletic shoes and apparel. Changing its distribution pattern and adding another warehouse helped the company manage both current sales and future growth.
Northern Distribution Network to shore up Afghan supply chain Northern Distribution Network to shore up Afghan supply chain
Escalating threats to Afghan supply routes spurred U.S. military officials to begin searching for alternatives back in 2008. It took some doing—and some help—but they found another way.
Importers' requests to software vendors provide window on 10+2 compliance Importers' requests to software vendors provide window on 10+2 compliance
For an idea of how 10+2 compliance has been going, you only have to look at the requests importers are making of their trade management software vendors.

Basic Training: The five keys to effective leadership
What is it that leaders have that others don't? A mastery of these five critical skills.
Fastlane: DOT's proposed strategic plan a welcome start
Its draft plan is sure to spur controversy and will likely see significant revision. But the DOT deserves credit for getting this long-overdue project off the ground.
Techwatch: Are you ready to share software talent with your rivals?
With tech talent shortage looming, Dutch group pushes plan to let companies share supply chain software expertise.
Outbound: Practical advice on managing outsourcing relationships
Free white paper distills Nobel laureate's research into 10 lessons on making an outsourcing arrangement succeed.
Big Picture: DC Velocity's 2010 Rainmakers pick up the mantle
Their achievements may sound entirely modern, but this year's Rainmakers are carrying on a long and venerable tradition of leadership and innovation.
In Indian warehouses, handheld stands up to the test
A dusty, humid Indian warehouse might seem an unlikely candidate for a high-tech RFID data-collection system. But one handheld computer maker found a way to make it work.
Saddle Creek executive joins ALAN as operations director
Florida-based 3PL will donate IT exec's services to relief group for full year.
"Artful" ad promotes paperless label system
To publicize its "green" networked package handling system, HP commissions work by environmental artist Christo.
Logistics expenditures hit record lows in '09, report says; led by sharp fall in transport spending
CSCMP's 21st annual State of Logistics Report shows steepest year-over-year decline in study's history.
Oberstar calls for sweeping change to ocean shipping laws; vows swift action to move rail reform through Congress
Chairman of House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee also says he will continue fight to change FedEx's labor status.
N.Y. lawmaker takes up 3PL fight for C-TPAT eligibility
U.S. Rep. William Owens says barring non-asset-based 3PLs from participation in security program ignores realities of how business functions.
Senate bill takes aim at alleged abuses by freight brokers
Measure would tighten government oversight over intermediaries, raise penalties for regulatory violations.
Rockefeller opposes change to FedEx labor classification
Opposition by influential senator seen as major setback for advocates of controversial proposal.
L.A./Long Beach is top seaport for industrial property investment and development
A new index from real estate developer Jones Lang LaSalle ranks U.S. seaports on their attractiveness as industrial property markets.
Worst-ever driver shortage looming, trucking executives warn
Motor carriers contend that rising demand, demographic trends, and new safety regulations will conspire to reduce the pool of qualified drivers.