Table of Contents: July 2009

the rainmakers
Our 2009 Rainmakers navigated through tough times with hard work, innovation, and determination, and still never stopped giving back.
keeping the beer flowing
Like Tinker to Evers to Chance, beer distribution is a multi-play proposition in the United States. Here's how one distributor sharpened his relay.
going green is a piece of cake
It might sound complicated and burdensome, but Tasty Baking discovered that building green was easy as pie.
an expert hand at the wheel
After a string of acquisitions left it with multiple private fleets, Gibraltar Industries decided to put a 3PL in the driver's seat.
lots of smoke, not much fire
An arcane technical bulletin on sprinkler systems ignited a firestorm among pallet users before being withdrawn this spring. But the controversy continues to smolder.
a tool for (less) risky business
It's best known as a tool for automating regulatory compliance and documentation. But global trade management software can also help you reduce your exposure to all sorts of supply chain risks.

Basic Training: sweat the details
There's a lot more to getting approval for a supply chain project than just translating its projected impact into bottom-line results.
Big Picture: building bridges over troubled waters
A new hurricane season is upon us. And once again, the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) stands ready to assist in disaster relief efforts.
Fastlane: hope springs eternal
For almost two years, I've been writing about the need for a national transportation policy, and finally, Congress has come up with the same idea.
Outbound: help wanted (soon, we hope)
When business picks up, a problem that's been on hold during the economic slump is sure to re-emerge: a shortage of workers to fill critical jobs in logistics.
Labor Pool: temporary help for the executive suite
Need short-term management help? Right now, you can have your pick of highly qualified professionals who are looking for something to tide them over until the job market picks up.
go directly to jail ...but first sign for this package
Several years back, UPS commissioned a customized version of the classic Monopoly board game.
happy birthday to U. ...P.C.!
The Universal Product Code turned 35 in June.
a breath of fresh air
Industrial ceiling fan takes sting out of working in a warehouse filled with onions.
pallet torture tests
At its Innovation Center in Orlando, Fla., pallet pooler CHEP drops, torques, and otherwise mistreats pallets in the name of performance testing.
how green is my VLM?
New calculator helps determine how much energy automated material handling systems and equipment will consume.
two for the show
The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and the Association for Manufacturing Excellence now offer a joint membership option.
RFID at the races
RFID helps Los Angeles Marathon officials keep track of runners.
20th annual State of Logistics Report highlights weakness in '08, shaky outlook for '09
Report shows U.S. logistics costs in 2008 declined for the first time since 2003.
green machine
Forget fuel cells. Toyota announces plans to market a hybrid-diesel forklift truck.
what the Intelligrated/FKI deal means to you
It will be business as usual in the short term. But over time, Intelligrated's acquisition of FKI Logistex could reshape the material handling market.
YRC announces shake-up of top management
As losses mount, trucker reshuffles management ranks.
A logistics concept grows in North Carolina
Coalition pushes North Carolina's Piedmont Triad as global logistics hub.
Swisslog buys EVOmatic
In a move to strengthen its position in light goods logistics, Swisslog purchases manufacturer of miniload cranes and load-handling devices.
Mr. Smith takes on Washington
FedEx chairman goes on offense against proposed labor law changes...
Shippers tell CBP what they really think about "10+2"
NITL members detail experiences trying to meet new import filing standards ...
solar makes cents, executive says
Federal and state tax breaks could mean a quicker ROI for warehouses and DCs that decide to go solar.
we're the government, and we're here...
Truckers say EPA's 2007 truck diesel engine standards have created more problems than they solved.
supply chain master: a definition
New research into high-performing supply chains looks at what sets the best apart from the rest …
Chamber of Commerce backs gas tax hike to fund highway programs
Business group urges lawmakers to finance needed infrastructure improvements by boosting 18.4-cent federal tax on a gallon of gasoline ...