Table of Contents: March 2009

blueprint for a greener DC
Wondering how to make your warehouse or DC operation more eco-friendly? Here are some ideas to get you started.
contained optimism about the future
Makers of reusable containers see potential in a difficult economy. But if they hope to persuade penny-pinching DC managers to buy, the projected returns had better be good.
not playtime anymore
It may sound like fun and games, but managing a consumer electronics supply chain is getting tougher by the minute thanks to new compliance and security restrictions.
home to stay?
After eight years, heavy-equipment maker CNH ended its relationship with a 3PL and brought transportation management back in house with the aid of a Web-based TMS. Would its gamble pay off?
Mexico ... for a change
If you still think Mexico is the land of customs delays and ramshackle trucks, it's time for a fresh look.
switching gears: interview with Chuck Clowdis
If analyst Chuck Clowdis seems unusually familiar with the ins and outs of the trucking business, there's a reason for that. He spent the first 16 years of his career on the inside.

Basic Training: don't fumble that handoff
Estimates are that 25 to 50 percent of outsourcing deals fail, or at least fail to meet expectations.
Big Picture: all the news that's fit to post?
As an old newspaperman, I've been lamenting of late the decline of great American daily newspapers.
Fastlane: the Year of the Ox
In the Year of the Ox, 2009, being a transportation manager is not for sissies.
Outbound: from the White House to the warehouse
If your company has been struggling with staffing issues—and what company hasn't?—you may want to take a page from John Straub's book.
Techwatch: the fatal flaw in ERP?
There's a mathematical flaw in every ERP system, and Mark Payne says he can prove it.
Security Brief: as the economy sinks, theft rises
There is a direct correlation between rising workplace criminal activity and the economic crisis.
need more space? raise the roof!
When companies need more warehouse space, the usual strategy is to add a wing onto an existing building or simply move into a larger facility.
shhhh ... order fulfillment in progress
Startup 3PL Quiet Logistics fills orders without noisy conveyors or forklifts.
3PL is all a-twitter
Third-party logistics specialist Aspen sends alerts to customers via Twitter.
pack 'em up and ship 'em out
Logistics pros help deliver treats to U.S. soldiers overseas.
a new route to finding backhauls
New "Empty Miles Service" matches empty trailers with backhaul loads.
don't try this at home
YouTube clips showcase forklift drivers behaving badly.
3PLs set their sights on small, mid-sized players
After making significant headway with the nation's top 500 companies in 2008, third-party logistics service providers are setting their sights on the small to mid-sized enterprise market.
Averitt stands pat on rates
Less-than-truckload carrier Averitt Express says it will forego a general rate increase during 2009.
looking for freight to thaw? Keep looking
Waiting for the 30-month U.S. freight recession to end? You may have to wait a while longer.
and if you think it's bad here...
...consider the woeful state of international transport.
MHE orders: trough then recovery
The U.S. material handling equipment industry will experience a severe contraction throughout 2009, according to the Material Handling Industry of America.
import relief ahead?
When President Barack Obama attends his first G-20 summit in April, he may have an intriguing discussion item on his plate.

Continuing Education

planes, trains, and big rigs
The Executive Masters Program offered by the Intermodal Transportation Institute at the University of Denver includes courses in transportation finance, management and leadership, and economics.
be a project pro
Villanova University's online project management certificate program will help managers from all parts of the organization learn to manage the scope, time, and cost of their projects.
work the network
Arizona State University's "Logistics in Supply Chains" executive education course will focus on the logistics network's role in supply chain management.
no more failures to communicate
To help supply chain professionals align supply chain decisions with financials, the University of Wisconsin-Madison will offer a course called "Supply Chain Finance" this spring.