Table of Contents: February 2009

after DHL ... Can the post office fill the void?
As one player whiffs in the United States, another waits to bat.
into the green
With their sprawling, energy-sucking DCs and carbon-spewing trucks, logistics/distribution operations may seem the very antithesis of green. But our exclusive reader survey tells a different story.
lean fleets
If your lift truck fleet is typical, you probably have too many vehicles and bigger trucks than you really need, say the experts. A fleet audit can help you find ways to trim the fat.
double duty
Some of the best-known logistics service providers are venturing into the supply chain consulting arena. Are they up to the job?
hide and seek
Until 2006, Kraft's trailer tracking activities looked more like a game of hide and seek than an orderly yard management process. Some low-cost RFID tags, software, and a GPS changed all that.
fearless leader: interview with Bruce Carlton
He's stared down the Russians and Vietnamese during face-to-face market-opening negotiations. Now, Bruce Carlton faces the comparatively easy challenge of steering NITL through some rough economic seas.

Big Picture: a glass half full
Although last month's ProMat show took place under the shadow of recession, the mood was not nearly as gloomy as might have been expected.
Fastlane: show me the money
More and more, the "price above all else" approach is being applied to the purchase of logistics and supply chain services.
Special Handling: business crime: who's really at fault?
Rising workplace theft may reflect frustration, cynicism, and disillusionment with the company's leaders.
Labor Pool: how to build a flexible workforce
Rather than laying off workers and rehiring when business picks up, some companies have concluded there's a better approach.
Outbound: giving credit where it's due
President Dwight D. Eisenhower gets credit for making the Interstate Highway System a reality, but he wasn't the first to come up with the idea.
Techwatch: R is for robot
Developments under way make it likely that you'll see robots in distribution centers this decade.
ships of the desert
APL and NOL will move their headquarters away from the coast to Phoenix, Ariz.
container origami
Folding containers could cut space needed to store empties by three-fourths.
answers for inquiring minds
Searchable CDs from Transportation and Logistics Council offer answers to frequently asked legal, regulatory questions.
clean diesel pace-setters
Pacer International and JC Penney put clean-diesel trucks on the road in Southern California.
look and learn
MHIA's online video offers introduction to the material handling industry.
author! author!
Books on logistics by DC VELOCITY columnist Cliff Lynch now available for sale.
as economy slows, TMS vendors get creative
To increase market awareness, some vendors are putting their money where their TMS tools are.
ProLogis exits China, sells part of Japan portfolio
The world's largest developer of industrial property will sell off some of its Asian holdings to reduce debt.
the return of the big box
The shipping container shortage may be over, but that's not necessarily a good thing.
RFID shows signs of life
Although some companies have backed away from planned RFID initiatives, others are moving forward.
fuel-surcharge squabble headed for second round
For many months, independent truckers and truck brokers have crossed swords over the pass-through of fuel surcharges paid by shippers.