Table of Contents: June 2008

neither rain nor heat nor sandstorm ...
Mail from home means the world to troops stationed in far-away, often dangerous places. A special unit of the services goes to great lengths to make sure the mail gets through, whatever the obstacles.
endangered species
Economic and regulatory pressures are making it tough for port drayage drivers to earn a living. If they turn in their keys, who will haul the containers?
all charged up
Eager to see how its newly developed fuel cell device would fare in trials, East Penn Manufacturing decided to test the unit itself. But round-the-clock DC operations and 4,000-pound loads would make this a rigorous trial.
the right site
Choosing a site for an import warehouse or DC? Here are a few things to keep in mind.
more bang for its buck
When it needed to boost DC throughput by more than a third, Dollar Tree didn't expand the facility or hire more staff. It simply made minor adjustments to the center's software and conveyor system.
a bridge too far gone: interview with Barry LePatner
Long before last year's tragic Minneapolis bridge collapse, Barry LePatner was out sounding the alarm about the nation's crumbling infrastructure. The biggest problem, he says, has nothing to do with engineering—and everything to do with politics.

Big Picture: of hope and history
Passion is a word that is often abused in discussions about business leadership.
Fastlane: we're over a barrel here!
There is a solution to soaring fuel costs that I believe holds enormous potential if we can get our act together: hybrid trucks.
Special Handling: it's time to stand up for free trade
Most of you probably believe, as I do, that free trade is very good for the logistics, material handling, and shipping companies that facilitate commerce throughout the world.
Labor Pool: when playground bullies come to work
Workplace bullies are just grownup versions of the playground bully—people who use their social or political power to subject their victims to psychological abuse.
Outbound: a call to action
Though we've known for decades that our infrastructure is a ticking time bomb, the government has yet to do anything about it.
rollin' on the river—the Yangtze, that is
With manufacturing and consumer demand moving steadily westward in China, that nation's rivers are fast becoming the mode of choice for transporting raw materials and finished goods.
a whale of an idea
Envira-North Systems will soon release a fan design based on the flippers of humpback whales.
lights, camera ... material handling!
Earlier this year, The Discovery Channel's series "Some Assembly Required" included an episode filmed at a John Deere plant in Wisconsin.
this show goes on the road
4Front has a demonstration and training room at its Carrollton, Texas, headquarters, but it also sends a custom-built 53-foot trailer to customers' facilities.
doctor, lawyer, logistician
If DHL has its way, young people around the world will soon add another profession to their list: logistician.
still made in the U.S.A.
Conventional wisdom says that "Made in America" can't compete with products manufactured in lower-cost countries. But we recently ran across two companies that are apparently bucking the trend.
report says 3PLs "hung tough" in 2007
Despite the economic downturn, total revenues for 3PLs climbed to an estimated $122 billion in 2007, a 7.4-percent increase over the previous year's gross revenues, according to Armstrong & Associates Inc.
NITL welcomes Carlton to top job
The National Industrial Transportation League has reached into the ranks of government for its new leader.
Speh receives award of a lifetime
Dr. Thomas W. Speh, one of the most widely recognized experts in the warehousing field, has added another award to his considerable collection.
Donohue blasts energy, immigration policies in NASSTRAC speech
Tom Donohue, the outspoken president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, lived up to his reputation as a no-holds-barred speaker on business issues when he delivered the keynote speech at NASSTRAC's annual conference in Orlando, Fla., last month.
Teamsters sign on the dotted lines
This has been a busy year indeed for the Teamsters.

Continuing Education

go for the gold
Georgia Tech now offers a course called "World-Class Warehousing and Material Handling."
more bang for your buck
The University of Wisconsin-Madison has now developed an executive education course for professionals interested in optimizing their companies' supply chain.
keys to the kingdom
Keogh Consulting has put together a series of educational seminars to help participants identify the keys to running a successful distribution operation.