Table of Contents: March 2008

spreading the wealth
Imports are likely to grow faster than the rest of the economy for the foreseeable future. More imports mean more DCs in more places, and ports are welcoming the growth.
the future is now
Only a few months back, the pundits were telling us that item-level RFID tagging was still years in the future. It turns out the pundits were wrong.
can a TMS really save you money?
For shippers in specific circumstances, the answer is yes. But what are those circumstances?
destination: Europe
Expanding into Europe? Those who've done it say using a 3PL is one of the best ways to assure that you hit the continent running.
catching the green wave: interview with Andrew Winston
Succeeding at green business isn't just about rolling out eco-friendly products, says Andrew Winston. It's also about finding cleaner, greener ways to get those products to customers.

Basic Training: the hard work of getting flexible
The concepts of quick changeovers, short runs, customer/channel-specific processes, and lean are no longer simply tickets to best-practice land; they are requirements for survival.
Byways: hard times, hard times, come again no more
We may yet avoid a recession. What worries me more is the longer-term ability of the economy to prosper.
Big Picture: an e-waste of time?
With a continued emphasis on green, maybe it's time for electronics manufacturers to step up and help to streamline the recycling process.
Fastlane: the road to nowhere
Without a comprehensive national transportation policy, we can neither formulate strategies nor determine where or how far we have to go.
Special Handling: an open letter to the 2008 presidential candidates
The logistics community has been watching with interest over the last several months as you've all competed for the top job in the U.S. political arena.
Outbound: are we missing something here?
Instead of encouraging consumers to rush out to Target or Wal-Mart with their tax rebate checks, why not spend the money instead on fixing America's neglected infrastructure?
Rfidwatch: Sam's to vendors: join the club
In early January, Wal-Mart, which owns the Sam's Club chain of warehouse stores, sent letters to suppliers outlining a series of RFID mandates that it plans to phase in over the next two years.
flexible flyer
The USPS has launched the High Speed Universal Sorter initiative, a project that grew out of its search for a sortation system that could handle inconsistent volumes of a wide array of mail, packages, sacks, and containers.
what's the logic behind AeroLogic?
The 50-50 joint venture between DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo will begin operations next year with Boeing 777-200LRFs.
benefits by associations
Busy professionals who want to advance their knowledge but have limited time and resources will be able to save both, thanks to a new arrangement between APICS and the American Society of Transportation & Logistics.
speed kills … less often
Statistics released just last month by the Federal Highway Administration show that in 2006, three key measures of truck safety had their best showing since the U.S Department of Transportation started tracking them back in 1975.
live inside the box
Designers from a New York City-based architectural firm have devised a way to transform ocean containers into comfortable and airy living spaces.
from supply chain to CEO at Sears
After Sears Holding Corp. ousted its CEO in late January, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain and Operations W. Bruce Johnson took over as interim chief executive.
supply chain woes ground Boeing's Dreamliner
Boeing was counting on its suppliers to preassemble portions of the Dreamliner and ship those sections to Seattle for final assembly.
foreign retailers invest in U.S. DCs
FAMSA—Mexico's largest furniture, appliance, and electronics retailer—has announced that it is building a 198,000-square-foot state-of-the-art distribution center in San Antonio, Texas.
MIT center goes global … again
MIT's Center for Transportation and Logistics and the logistics company LOGyCA have teamed up to establish the Center for Latin-American Logistics Innovation in Bogotá, Colombia.
C-TPAT membership nears 7,000 mark
U.S. Customs and Border Protection, recently announced that C-TPAT membership has grown to just under 7,000 companies since the program began in 2003.
Neonode's New World adventure
Just as North American companies wanting to expand overseas often seek out third-party logistics providers and trusted experts to help them succeed, so do European companies that are venturing over here for the first time.

Continuing Education

sign on the dotted line
The selection process tends to get all the attention, but that's really only the starting point for a successful relationship with your motor carrier or third-party logistics service provider.
what's your game plan?
In an intensive two-day workshop, supply chain gurus Ken Ackerman and Art Van Bodegraven will help supply chain professionals take time out from fighting the daily fires to envision the future of their operations.
vision quest
To help managers clearly articulate the mission and purpose of their supply chain, Ohio State University Professor Doug Lambert takes them to the starting point: the customer.