Table of Contents: October 2007

time machine
Deliver customized orders to retail stores worldwide from a single DC on a Pacific island? With its Direct Ship program, Timex does just that—and much faster than you might imagine.
who's overseeing the trainers?
Nobody, it turns out. In the absence of federal regulations, anyone can hang out a sign, print up business cards, and call himself a forklift driver trainer.
trickle-down technology
For years, cost and technical issues have kept many smaller companies out of the warehouse management systems market. But the emergence of hosted warehouse systems could change all that.
a brave new world of pricing
The government's decision to lift the rate bureaus' antitrust immunity could open the way for new less-than-truckload pricing models. But it won't happen overnight.
some very special employees
Walgreens' new DC may feature the latest in high-end automation and robotics, but the secret to its spectacular productivity is its people.
time to ride the rails: interview with Gil Carmichael
Former Federal Railroad Administrator Gil Carmichael is convinced that the answer to our nation's infrastructure problems is right under our noses.

Basic Training: getting the most from your people
We can do all the strategizing, planning, and measuring possible, yet a fundamental question remains: How can we get people and organizations to perform at high levels?
Byways: distribution and the ethical business
As supply chains become more dispersed, as concerns over sustainable practices grow, good business practices are worth thinking about anew.
Big Picture: join the march
I admit that in a few short months i've shoved a lot of requests down your throats, but this month's message trumps them all.
Fastlane: getting it back
Though different industries have unique needs, there are six basic steps for establishing an efficient product recall procedure.
Special Handling: teach the teachers
Many people now believe that we are no longer a leader in manufacturing. But that flies in the face of reality.
Outbound: paving the driveway
The nation's infrastructure woes go far beyond the bridges on our interstate highways.
Rfidwatch: Levi's sees RFID as a perfect fit?
Levi's is adding a new tag to its jeans, but it isn't red or orange.
it'll be back …
That loud noise emanating from the California coast last month was the sound of ports, ocean carriers, importers, and exporters heaving a collective sigh of relief as Sen.
anything you can drive …
Zero to 500 members in six months.
but can it dribble?
"Jackie" sounds like a hoop coach's dream: He's only been playing bas ketball for a few weeks, yet he's never missed a shot.
we would like to thank the academy …
For the fourth year in a row, <i>DC VELOCITY</i> has been recognized by Graphic Design USA magazine with an American Graphic Design Award for excellence in communication and graphic design.
encyclopedia … Wikipedia … WERC-ipedia?
Yes, the warehousing and distribution community now has its own Internet work in process.
next stop, Broadway
For conference-goers, this will likely sound familiar: You're listening to some important but dull speaker droning on about some important but dull subject.
the head of the class
For colleges and universities across the country, September means more than just the start of a new school year.
study: ports help bolster U.S. economy
The nation's employment picture may look a little shaky, but that doesn't appear to be the case at U.
Wal-Mart's "green" campaign pays off in Canada
As part of its global "green" campaign, Wal-Mart Stores will require its supply chain service providers in Canada to reduce their carbon footprint.
Con-way shifts operating model
After more than two decades of running its regional lessthan-truckload businesses as separate operating companies, Con-way Freight announced last month that it would combine them into a single operation headquartered in Ann Arbor, Mich.
CSCMP expects large Chinese delegation
It may be an indication of the continuing importance of North American business to China.

Continuing Education

got guanxi?
Forming the right guanxi, or relationships, is essential to the success of any business venture in China.
young guns
Warehouse managers can start planning for tomorrow today by signing up for the Warehousing Education and Research Council's (WERC) new "Mentoring Membership" program.
start with the right design
Looking to streamline your distribution center's operations and make better use of space? A good place to start might be to reconfigure the facility's layout.
we're here to help you …
How many times have you seen managers come charging in to help solve a supply chain problem and then proceed to employ an overly complex, inappropriate solution? To avoid that sort of outcome, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has developed the Supply Chain Leadership Certificate Program, which is designed to turn attendees into effective problem solvers who can develop practical and actionable plans of attack.