Table of Contents: September 2007

Harry Potter and the magic of distribution
To the millions of fans awaiting the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the book's appearance at midnight on July 21 may have felt like magic. But it was actually a matter of careful planning and flawless execution.
power by the hour
Pay-as-you-go pricing for forklifts? Technology-based fleet management services can handle that, and a whole lot more.
fast, furious, and flexible
A rapid replenishment approach to production and distribution helped Fujitsu boost computer and server sales by 130 percent in just four years.
a taste for automation
With 5,000 pallets about to come pouring into its new DC each day, Gordon Food Service decided there was just one thing to do: automate.
smoothing the waves
Waveless processing in the DC could result in gains in productivity and throughput. But it may not be for every operation.
he's no dummy: interview with Patrick Sweeney
An early failed RFID experiment wasn't enough to shake Patrick Sweeney's faith in the technology. In fact, he made RFID the focus of his second venture as well as his first book, RFID for Dummies.
¿habla warehousing?
If you have a multilingual workforce in your warehouse, following these tips can help prevent your facility from turning into the Tower of Babel.

Basic Training: for every action, there's a rule
There are still a host of agencies, programs, regulations, and laws that define, direct, and/or limit what we can do in supply chain management.
Byways: like magic—but not magic
For anyone who thinks about issues of physical distribution, the challenge of getting 12 million books to the right place at the right time under strict security requirements is a compelling story.
Big Picture: logistics can be sexy
The next time someone gives you a blank stare when you try to educate them about the vital role played by the logistics community, ask them exactly how they think their copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows got to the retailers' shelves this summer.
Fastlane: why not play it safe?
After nearly two decades, discussion about the driver shortage has emerged as the supply chain world's equivalent of the global warming debate.
Outbound: the answer no one wanted to hear
For nearly 20 years, leaders in the logistics community have been wondering just what it would take to convince politicians that America faces an infrastructure crisis. Now we have the answer: Minneapolis.
Rfidwatch: Big Blue sees green in e-pedigree solutions market
A year from this coming January, California's e-pedigree requirement kicks in.
NYC congestion pricing is a go … or is it?
New York City's on-again, off-again attempts to adopt congestion pricing have left some feeling like they're caught in a kind of cosmic game of "red light, green light.
it's in the way that you use it
When it comes to securing their cargo containers, shippers often buy the most sophisticated high-tech seal they can find and figure they're covered.
muchas gracias
Finding a third-party logistics service provider (3PL) in Latin America has gotten a little easier thanks to Armstrong & Associates, the research firm best known for its guidebook Who's Who in Logistics.
it's not just about transportation anymore
If you think the most you can expect from a transportation improvement initiative is a reduction in freight costs, a recent report from Aberdeen Group might change your mind.
a distinguished gentleman indeed
Since 1965, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) has presented its annual Distinguished Service Award, the group's highest honor, to an individual who has given exemplary, career-long service to the logistics and supply chain management professions.
a sea change for air freight?
With fuel prices on the rise and logistics costs under intense scrutiny, some shippers are rethinking how they get their orders from the proverbial point A to point B.
an A-plus for the "E" winners
At least four of the 11 companies and government agencies recently recognized by President George W.
HOS decision could come down to 11th hour
The trucking and logistics community is hoping that the latest challenge to the truck driver hours-of-service (HOS) regulations is just a minor setback—a kind of bump in the road on the way to becoming permanent.

Continuing Education

getting down to the basics
Industry newcomers who've begun to wonder if they'll ever master the lingo need not despair.
lean on me
You can hardly turn around these days without hearing about the jaw-dropping benefits of going "Lean": a 25-percent reduction in logistics costs, a 50-percent reduction in inventory, a 75-percent reduction in lead times.
name your price
Establishing a fair price for motor carrier and logistics services isn't as simple as it used to be.