Table of Contents: August 2007

beyond green
More companies are planning, building, and operating DCs with an eye toward environmental sustainability. It's not just good corporate citizenship; it's also good business.
all charged up
DC managers have plenty of tools at their disposal for keeping forklift batteries all charged up and ready to go. The trick is to select the right one for your particular operation.
express lane
By investing in some new conveyors and a pop-up sorter, online grocer Peapod eliminated a notorious bottleneck in its DC operation and boosted capacity by 50 percent.
getting a read on congestion
RFID technology is in line to change driving patterns, reduce congestion, and help the transportation industry operate more efficiently.
how to win friends and influence software
If you want to have a say in the development of the software you use, the most effective—and rewarding—route might be to join a user group.
sending the very best: interview with Pete Burney
The days when you could impress customers simply by meeting their demands are long gone, says Pete Burney of Hallmark Cards. Now, you have to be psychic as well.

Basic Training: when things go sour, court is the last resort
Too many consultants and academics are spending too much time and making too much money as expert witnesses and advisers to lawyers in supply chain management litigation. There may be money in it, but it's not value-adding.
Byways: NITL at 100
Since its inception, the league has been at or near the center of every battle over freight transportation regulation in Congress, in the agencies, and in the courts.
Big Picture: dot-com redux?
Don't look now, but it appears that dot-coms are investing heavily in distribution centers once again.
Fastlane: the new face of outsourcing
The logistics outsourcing business used to be about providing transportation and warehousing services to the masses. Today, it's about providing complex, technology-rich logistics solutions to targeted audiences.
Special Handling: let's set the record straight
It's no secret that our industry has an image problem. What kid goes off to college with career plans to work in a distribution center?
Outbound: missing the boat
Shifting freight to barges could help reduce both highway congestion and costs. But after years of neglect, the inland waterways infrastructure has fallen into serious disrepair.
Rfidwatch: RFID: Between a rock and a hard place
When students at Slippery Rock University are asked to show their IDs at local bars and school sporting events this fall, they won't have to fumble for their wallets.
from foes to friends
After years of what could best be described as a chilly relationship, relations among truckers and railroads have apparently thawed.
movin' on, good buddy
Imagine if you had to replace your entire operations staff roughly every nine months.
port managers: TWIC needs tweaks
Though the government maintains that its Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program will keep terrorists off the docks without slowing cargo handling or port operations, critics say that claim doesn't hold water.
the sushi supply chain
Move over, Godzilla, Toyota Camry, and Sony PlayStation.
travel agents for freight
In boom times, motor carriers may tolerate a few empty backhauls.
U.S. rail system ripe for terror hit?
Even before Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff went on record last month stating that Al Qaeda was rebuilding and that he had a "gut feeling" the United States faces a heightened risk of attack this summer, the transportation community already had terrorist threats on its mind.
FKI unveils multimillion dollar tech center
More than two years of planning came to fruition last month when FKI Logistex, a provider of material handling solutions, unveiled its new Technology & Education Center in Cincinnati.
summit probes logistics challenges
Against the backdrop of Glacier National Park's towering peaks, a group of logistics executives, consultants, material handling vendors, and university professors met for three days in late June.
TGW Logistics acquires ECOLOG
TGW Logistics Group expects last month's purchase of ECOLOG Logistiksysteme GmbH will help boost revenues to 350 million euros (about $484 million) by 2010.

Continuing Education

a supply chain survival guide
The Worst Case Scenario books are packed with information on how to land a plane, escape from quicksand, or wrestle free from an alligator, but you won't find much on how to survive offshoring or succeed in a business environment in which products become obsolete in months.
Texas wants you anyway
"That's right you're not from Texas—but Texas wants you anyway," goes the chorus of Lyle Lovett's catchy '90s song.
lean, green, and profitable
You don't have to choose between green and gold; you can have both.
straight to the bottom line
To communicate effectively with senior management, you have to speak their language—and that means the language of finance.