Table of Contents: May 2007

hot spot
Our second annual salary survey shows that when it comes to salaries, the supply chain and logistics profession is the place to be.
Stage right
Flow-through DC designs and sophisticated management software help set the stage for this retailer's success in reaching small, out-of-the-way markets.
for speed and reliability, take the bypass
Seeking faster transit times and greater certainty, a growing number of importers are moving products directly to customers without going through the DC.
performance by the numbers
There's no need to rely on guesswork when it comes to measuring DC performance. Our fourth annual survey provides a full set of benchmarks collected from the best … and the rest.
speed of light
The staff at J. Jill's DC couldn't say enough about the speed and accuracy of RF-based packing systems … until they saw what could be done with lights.
shipping no wine before its time: interview with Kathryn Zepaltas
Most logistics directors make it their mission to keep product from aging. Kathryn Zepaltas of Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates has a different challenge: making sure that it does.

Basic Training: organized to execute
It's all right to philosophize about key concepts in supply chain management, but sooner or later, we've got to figure out how to get organized to deliver the goods.
Big Picture: logistics, it turns out, is rocket science
The logistics challenges of moving shipments to the moon or Mars are very much like the logistics and distribution problems managers face every day in more earthbound DCs. It is a matter of knowing what needs to move when, and then delivering it reliably.
Fastlane: want to buy some pork bellies?
Though it's billed as a way to minimize risk, a bold new plan to bring some stability to the transportation market could have precisely the opposite effect.
Special Handling: managing in a regulatory fog
What's the first thing a warehouse manager or industrial executive thinks of in the morning? It's likely to be some variation on this question: Will I be in compliance today?
Outbound: a swirl of contradictions
It was tough to ignore the swirl of contradictions in the various media reports that came pouring in last month.
Rfidwatch: the end of "hide and seek"
The next time Jack Bauer and his colleagues on "24" want to track down insurgents suspected of plotting a nuclear attack, they might want to call ThingMagic.
an out-of-this-world-class supply chain?
If you think setting up a world-class supply chain network is challenging, consider the task that faces NASA's logisticians.
above and beyond
Grateful customers call their truck drivers "life-savers" all the time, but 13-year veteran trucker Edward A.
RFID from sea to shining sea
Though radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology would seem a natural choice for tracking intermodal containers as they move through their multi-stage journey, that promise has yet to be fulfilled.
conveyor sales keep rolling along
Any doubts about the conveyor market's health have been put to rest by the latest figures from the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA).
study: temp workers need basic training
Though they're not backing off from the practice, top executives admit to some misgivings about how well their companies manage the temporary workers they bring in during peak periods.
3PLs' U.S. revenues hit a record high (again)
Looks like it's time to update the record books.
take your Velocity up a notch!
We've seen the future, and it's not e-mail.
miracle grow: 3PL market appears primed for yet another banner year
For a sure-fire revenue rocket, nothing beats the third-party logistics (3PL) service sector.
capacity woes dominate discussions at NITL freight policy forum
Despite what the cynics may say, it's not true that shippers and carriers can't agree on anything.
could RFID tune up health care supply chain?
It may have abandoned its plans to get into the banking industry, but Wal-Mart is moving full speed ahead with an initiative that could revolutionize the health care market.
IKEA looks to fill the gap
As it continues to build out its North American distribution network, home furnishings giant IKEA has departed from its usual strategy.

Continuing Education

running Lean
A Lean or Six Sigma course that doesn't inspire participants to return to work with a lengthy list of action items would be a waste, which is exactly what devotees of Lean strive to eliminate.
to market, to market
It's not enough just to develop a killer product these days; you also have to get it to market.
"World of Warcraft" meets the supply chain?
Multiplayer online games aren't just for the "World of Warcraft" crowd these days.