Table of Contents: April 2007

here comes the sun
Today's DCs are kicking the oil habit and looking to the elements for their power. Here's hoping the sun continues to shine brightly and the wind never dies.
becoming a ringmaster
It's often said that managing a global supply chain is a lot like running a three-ring circus. But instead of a whip, you need technology and good partners.
move with the times
If you haven't looked into AS/RS equipment lately, you may be in for a surprise.
WCS learn to think for themselves
Their days as a messenger boy for the WMS are over. Today's smart warehouse control systems can balance workflows and boost DC throughput.
what's the frequency?
In the pharma sector at least, the great RFID debate isn't about payback on the technology. It's about the merits of high-frequency vs. ultra-high-frequency tags.
a focus on the fundamentals: interview with Paul Marshall
Running a DC is a lot like managing a football team, says Paul Marshall of Limited Brands. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don't do the basic blocking and tackling, you're not going to win.

Basic Training: winning the war on costs
In an age where cost competitiveness largely determines business success, the pressure to reduce costs has become the supply chain manager's constant companion.
Big Picture: good practice makes good business
Just as global businesses are becoming more insistent on better labor practices in their suppliers' plants, so, too, they may someday insist on doing business with companies that are working to improve their environmental practices.
Fastlane: extra, extra, read all about it!
The launch of CSCMP's new supply chain journal will go a long way toward helping to fill the void between its educational events.
Special Handling: go for the glory
The logistics field has an image problem, and the consequences go well beyond the practitioners' self esteem.
Labor Pool: watch those carrots and sticks
Incentive programs can do more harm than good, however, if the goals aren't reachable and the rules aren't completely clear.
Outbound: the color of money
The green crusade has gone mainstream, with a following that includes the Unilevers, General Electrics, and Wal-Marts of the world.
Rfidwatch: if the shoe fits—tag it!
From Manolos to Guccis, a European shoe retailer hopes to stomp out theft and kick-start sales by putting RFID tags on every pair of high-end shoes it sells.
Jaguars to prowl Route 66
It was decommissioned from the U.
consumed by e-mail?
"You know you're an e-mail addict when … you check your e-mail.
yes, we have standards!
If you shudder at the prospect of non-standard pallets, we have good news.
eyes on the East
Tiny New Bremen, Ohio, might seem an unlikely place to hatch a plot for world domination.
food for thought
The biggest challenges facing the food industry aren't wilted broccoli or spoiled milk.
the rise of the not-so-private fleet
It's hard enough to manage a private fleet these days, with fuel costs soaring and drivers in short supply.
a river might run through it after all: Texas town's unusual bid for Lowe's DC falls short
You just can't make some people happy, as economic development officials in Seguin, Texas, recently learned.
stop the presses: conveyor group issues updated guide
Is a spot on the <i>New York Times</i> best-seller list next? With over 2,200 copies sold since its April 2005 introduction, the sixth edition of <i>Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials</i> is now available in both CD and print format.
Schneider heads to China
Big Orange has gotten the green light to operate in China.
CFCs case propels German team to victory
A group of logistics students from Germany brought back more than postcards, key chains, and T-shirts from their recent visit to the United States.

Continuing Education

an inside view on security planning
The terrorist attacks of 2001 and devastating hurricanes of 2005 have highlighted both the vulnerability and the importance of the nation's infrastructure.
what's the RFID story?
The more people learn about RFID, the more questions they seem to have.
WERC hopes e-learning will be habit forming
If you've been wondering whether online education is for you, you're in luck.