Table of Contents: February 2007

it's about time
A firm delivery date isn't enough anymore. Today's customers also want their orders delivered at a specified time. Here are 10 tips for meeting their demands without breaking the bank.
you can get what you want
Speed, safety, reliability … today's conveyor buyers want it all. And if they act fast, they're likely to get it.
Mexico redux?
It's still struggling to regain the manufacturing momentum it had in the early years of the North American Free Trade Agreement. But in the meantime, Mexico may have found an even better way to cash in on NAFTA.
buying in
Skepticism has kept many retailers on the sidelines of the RFID revolution. But a surprising new report could lead them to reconsider.
the return of the Gladiator
Makers of early wearable computers like the Gladiator limped away from the first battle for the auto ID market. Now they're getting ready to re-enter the arena. And this time, the battle's outcome promises to be different.
widen the scope for smart site selection
When choosing a site for a new DC, you have to think about what works best for the network, not the node. The key: a holistic network design approach.
if it's Thursday, it must be Tonga: interview with Major General Charles Fletcher
One day it's carrying a rescue sub to Australia. The next it's moving Indonesians to Lebanon or flying supplies to Tonga. For USTRANSCOM, each day brings a new challenge, and it's Maj. Gen. Fletcher's job to figure out how to handle it.

Basic Training: winning with people
Upward mobility is common in supply chain operations. But the transition from worker to supervisor can be difficult.
Big Picture: fun at 50
Our February issue marks a milestone of sorts: it's the 50th issue of DC VELOCITY. To reach this point has involved a lot of work, a whole lot of optimism, and perhaps just a touch of insanity.
Fastlane: the crack in the pavement
Supply professionals share the general public's concern about rising fuel costs. They're also worried about capacity shortfalls, the long-standing truck driver shortage, port congestion and security.
Labor Pool: earning R-E-S-P-E-C-T
How do you earn the respect of your colleagues and staff members? Some managers try to demand respect, but their demands are more likely to elicit fear. There are better ways to go about it.
Outbound: profound wisdom in simple words
In his lifetime, J.B. Hunt made a mark. As the late Hunter S. Thompson might have said, "He stomped on the terra."
Rfidwatch: Alien invades Asia
Asia is becoming a hotbed of RFID use, and Alien Technology is jumping into the market.
just when you think things are getting better …
After improving during the first and second quarters of 2006, the driver turnover rate among U.
retailers expect slow start, but solid finish
Last year, consumer spending started strong but finished weak.
JFK is busiest port—again
Measured by value of goods handled, John F.
do you know a Rainmaker?
Know someone who is making a difference in the world of logistics? Each year, DC VELOCITY honors a select group of "Rainmakers"—professionals from all facets of the business whose achievements set them apart from the crowd.
poll shows most drivers flout HOS rules
Truck drivers aren't putting much stock in the federal government's hours-of-service (HOS) rules.
forklift fuel cells get a boost
DCs are about to become cleaner and greener—at least in South Carolina.
Zebra to change its stripes?
It looks like Zebra won't be a passive player in the RFID market much longer.
shippers may have to go with the floe
Shippers and carriers that use ocean shipping lanes in Canada's far north may be forced to make some last-minute routing adjustments next summer.
Symbol's booth? I swear it was right here …
Attendees at last month's ProMat Show witnessed realtime marketing at its finest following Motorola's acquisition of Symbol Technologies.
ProMat draws 35K; MHIA predicts growth
Exhibitors at last month's ProMat Show & Conference were brimming with optimism after more than 35,000 logistics professionals converged on Chicago's cavernous McCormick Place for the four-day event.
pandemic planning isn't for the birds!
What would you do if nearly half your labor force couldn't show up for work? That was the question addressed in a recent live teleconference sponsored by the Transportation Marketing & Communications Association.

Continuing Education

make the most of your warehouse
It's no longer enough just to run a successful warehouse operation— one that makes effective use of both facilities and staff.
the supply chain at the crossroads
For those willing to fly to the ends of the earth (or at least to Europe) for a chance to hear from a lineup of heavy-hitters, there's the "Crossroads 2007: Supply Chain Innovation Summit," which takes place in Zaragoza, Spain, next month.