Table of Contents: May 2006

what are you worth?
Ever wonder if you're being paid what you're worth? Our first-ever salary survey looks at the going rate for talent like yours.
get what you pay for
A hot international shipment will lose its sizzle if it's held up by missing paperwork or a customs mixup. Here's how shippers and carriers are keeping those pricey shipments from losing velocity.
don't be blinded by the lights
It's easy to be dazzled by the flashy colored lights in today's pick-to-light systems. But it's the software that separates the best from the rest.
a job for a generalist: interview with Ken Miesemer
Not every problem calls for a specialist. Some are best solved by someone who knows a little bit about everything.
getting better all the time
Managers report that their DCs' performance is improving where it counts most: serving the customer. But the numbers tell a slightly different story.
the future is now
You heard it would be years before anyone started attaching RFID tags to individual items. So what's that tag doing on your new jeans?
urban sprawl
How Urban Outfitters grew from campus specialty shop to global chain without overtaxing its distribution network.

Basic Training: is it safe?
There's more to supply chain security than foiling terrorists. There are still plenty of challenges for us right here at home protecting our DCs, the people who work in them, and the products they house.
Big Picture: move it or lose it
Even those who should understand may not realize how severely we've overtaxed the U.S. transportation system.
Fastlane: if you want it done right ...
If you parked yourself along a major interstate highway and classified the trucks that roared by, you'd find that an astonishing 76 of every 100 trucks were actually privately owned.
Labor Pool: landing your dream job
The first installment in a four-part series on getting the ideal job.
Outbound: it may be a pain in the ass, but you'd be crazy to complain!
Not only are leading corporations paying more attention to the supply chain process than in the past, but they're also paying big money to hire the best people they can find to manage this critical operation.
Rfidwatch: where the rubber meets the road
Remember the old days, when your local mechanic simply rubbed his hand across your car tires to check for uneven wear? Well, things are about to get much easier for the tire guy.
Rfidwatch: paging Dr. Howard ... Dr. Fine ... Dr. Howard
Attendees at this month's TEPR Conference in Baltimore had better think twice before ducking out of a seminar early to get in the front of the line for a cab.
about face!
News that the American Trucking Associations (ATA) has backed legislation that would allow truckers to use bigger, heavier rigs wouldn't ordinarily come as much surprise.
maybe FEMA will send a team next year?
A hurricane has slammed into the coast of Central America.
mission: possible
While Tom Cruise was jumping off bridges, slithering down poles and getting run over by a truck, equally unlikely feats were being accomplished behind the scenes on the set of "Mission: Impossible III.
rollin', rollin', rollin'
At a time when vehicles are more likely to be made overseas, the lift trucks just keep rolling off the line at NACCO Materials Handling Group's Greenville, N.
mixed track record
Rail traffic may have risen last year, but train accidents and employee casualties dropped, making 2005 one of the safest years on record.
saving fuel the smart way
It appears that sometimes the SmartWay is also the CheapWay.
can't drive 65, eh?
Like their neighbors to the south, Canadian truckers are split over a proposal to limit speeds for heavy trucks.
a long hard road
The end of the road may be closer than you think.
bigger than the bar code?
Step aside, RFID.
this is only a test ... I repeat, a test
You've just gotten word of an avian flu outbreak among workers at your contract cell phone manufacturing plant in China.
just call him E.F. Hutton
If Paul Matthews is feeling a bit like the guy in the old E.

Continuing Education

no more teachers, no more books ...
Just because you've put your classroom days behind you doesn't mean your formal education has to end.
yes, he'll show you
Tom Tanel, CEO of Cattan Services Group, will arrive in Missouri next month prepared to both show and tell.
no funny business on the way to this Forum!
There's still time to register for the remaining events in the ARC Advisory Group's second-quarter WebForum Series.
join the Volunteers
For those who'd like to be Volunteers (even on a temporary basis), the University of Tennessee has opened registration for its executive-level supply chain programs.