Table of Contents: April 2006

inoculating the supply chain
A flu pandemic could sideline 50 percent of your workforce, halt deliveries and disrupt foreign trade. Is your supply chain prepared?
how dense can you be?
Managers of spatially challenged DCs may not realize it. But a technology often marketed as a means of boosting picking productivity can also solve their space woes.
transportation's Renaissance man: interview with John Ficker
No one has done more to revive interest in a national transportation policy than John Ficker. But even he admits that pushing a policy through will be one heck of a battle.
a calculated risk
For the rest of the world, complying with Wal-Mart's RFID mandate was challenge enough. So why did TI raise the bar?
a cure for Big Blues
Plagued by high costs and sluggish revenues, IBM unified its fragmented global supply chain operations, saving billions in the process.
billion dollar baby
Plenty of companies have launched inventory projects that saved them some money. But how many have saved an amount equivalent to the GDP of a small country?

Basic Training: the art of and science of bouncing back
No supply chain is immune from disruption. And no supply chain—regardless of type of commodity, material or product—is exempt from the need for recovery planning.
Big Picture: failure is not an option
It's impossible to prepare for every possible contingency. It will require the coordinated efforts of well-trained and well-prepared people. It will require the flexibility and imagination to respond to whatever comes at them.
Fastlane: Dubai or not Dubai?
The recent outcry over the Dubai Ports World proposal made clear that most have yet to grasp what DC VELOCITY's readers and other logisticians already know: We don't have control of our own supply chain and haven't for some time.
Labor Pool: so much work, so little time
You can't stretch a day to more than 24 hours or a week beyond seven days. But you may be able to make better use of the time you do have.
Outbound: Malcom in the middle
It's more than a little bit ironic.
Rfidwatch: a future in plastics?
The bar-code industry may finally have met its enemy, and it is .
Rfidwatch: RFID talent still in short supply?
What's the biggest obstacle to the rapid adoption of RFID technology? No, it's not price, technological glitches or even complex integration issues.
speed kills—no wait, it doesn't
Prospects for a national highway safety program are looking dimmer by the day.
let them eat King Cakes
They may have lost their homes and their livelihoods, but at least displaced New Orleans residents didn't have go without King Cakes from Randazzo's Camellia City Bakery during Mardi Gras.
highs of about 68º with low humidity
We should all be so lucky! For Marilyn Monroe's famous "subway" dress—the white halter dress immortalized in the 1955 movie "The Seven Year Itch"—it's always a beautiful day: 68 degrees with low humidity.
American idle
Someone has finally put a price on the time (and fuel) wasted by trucks idled along America's highways.
boy, were we off!
It won't make you feel better the next time you're caught in traffic, but it turns out there's a lot more freight moving on the nation's transportation system than previously reported.
forget the GDP and CPI
For a quick read of the U.
all things to all people
If you've been struck by the changes that have swept through the third-party logistics industry, just wait until next year .
it's a good time to be a 3PL
Will the party ever end? Once again, third- party logistics service providers (3PLs) appear overwhelmingly optimistic about their future.
Boots' new DC not made for walking
Automation is evidently the future for Boots Group PLC.
DOJ, DOT join antitrust debate
It's nice to have friends in high places.
stay just a little bit longer
It would have been unthinkable 25 years ago.
CAPS picks partners
CAPS Acquisition Group has announced the purchase of the CAPS Division of Kingway Material Handling of Acworth, Ga.

Continuing Education

the truth, the whole truth ...
Not sure what to believe about RFID anymore? You may want to register for this year's "Truth in Technologies" Forum, scheduled for Oct.
opening reception not included
Still kicking yourself because you didn't get to last fall's CSCMP conference? You can give your shins a rest.
challenged to a dual?
If one master's degree just isn't enough, you can now sign up for a challenging dual degree program.