Table of Contents: February 2006

the jump to lightspeed
Move over, Han Solo. Retailer Too Inc. has also made the jump to lightspeed. Its blazing fast new put-to-light fulfillment system has sent DC operations into hyperdrive.
no overnight sensation
Yes, RFID will transform the parcel express industry. But it won't happen tomorrow.
rugged but sensitive
The descriptions are right out of the personal ads: they're smart, they're sensitive, they're adaptable. But the ubjects aren't single men or women; they're today's high-tech conveyors.
the supply chain's public face: interview with Rick Blasgen
It's hard to imagine a higher-profile job than his former position as ConAgra's supply chain chief, but Rick Blasgen may have found one: as the supply chain's ambassador to the world.
digital divide
Some companies manage their global supply chains with dazzling efficiency; others seem to stumble at every juncture. The secret's in the automation.
hopes for a speedy recovery
Today's new wireless security devices can't guarantee thieves won't get their hands on your cargo. But they definitely raise the odds that you'll get your stuff back promptly.

Basic Training: inventory addiction: a 12-step recovery program
A second approach to taking control over your inventory—techniques that will help you manage your inventory, instead of allowing your inventory to manage you.
Big Picture: a few bumps on the flat planet
It appears we have a ways to go when it comes to managing global supply chains.
Fastlane: breaking up is hard to do
Nothing lasts forever, and logistics outsourcing relationships are no exception.
Labor Pool: recruiting for your mentor program
In our last two columns, we discussed the benefits of establishing a mentoring program in your warehouse or DC and offered advice on setting ground rules for the program. The final step is to recruit the participants.
Outbound: tell me again why we're doing this
Implementing technology-based solutions generally requires a change in process. And that can be a tough sell. That's where training comes in.
Rfidwatch: Walgreens' Rx for missing displays
Like linotypists and keypunch operators before them, retail display auditors may find their skills are fast becoming obsolete.
do you know a Rainmaker?
Know someone who's making a difference in the logistics world? We'd like to hear about him or her.
from Dicke's lips to W's ear
What does Crown Equipment Corp.
(rail)car 54, where are you?
Tracking hazardous cargo as it moves on the nation's rail system is about to get easier.
air apparent
Southern California's brief reign as the top U.
trans-American traffic jam?
Freight moving among the three North American countries hit an all-time high last fall.
RFID for free!
RFID tag maker Avery Dennison RFID has come up with a novel—if potentially costly—way to build a loyal customer base: offer RFID tags for free.
online retailers stage a comeback
Service problems nearly knocked them out of the game a few years back, but online retailers have made a triumphant return.
China's hotter than we thought
China watchers who eyed earlier projections for China's economic growth with skepticism have been vindicated—sort of.
TI finds RFID compliance shortcut
While many of its peers struggled just to meet the latest deadline, one of Wal-Mart's suppliers has leapfrogged ahead in the great RFID compliance race.
Street smarts?
Will 2006 be the year of the RFID IPO? It appears that the smart tag is headed for Wall Street.
Wal-Mart threatens to halt DC plans
Stung by the Maryland legislature's passage of the so-called "Wal-Mart bill," the mega-retailer is now threatening to suspend plans to build a giant distribution center in that state.

Continuing Education

two days that could change your life
Looking for a reason to escape to Atlanta or Phoenix this winter? The Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) will offer several of its popular two-day seminars in those cities in February and March.
masters of the intermodal universe
It's hard enough to find courses on intermodal transportation, let alone a degree program.
the fundamental thing is this ...
If you've entered the supply chain management profession through the back door, you're not alone.