Table of Contents: October 2005

a whole new world
China's burgeoning economy is sparking huge investments in the region by air carriers eager to gain the first-mover advantage.
just one word: plastic
The cardboard box may be the traditional way to store and transport items. But that doesn't mean it's the best way.
the price of success

collision course
Things will go wrong—the current state of transportation infrastructure almost guarantees it. But knowing that, and working with partners, can mitigate much of the risk.
reversal of fortune
After a quarter century of calling the shots with truckers, logistics pros are having to adjust to a very different reality. Here's how they're coping.
it's all in the planning
While other retailers sweated out last fall's port logjam, Limited Brands sailed through largely unscathed. The secret? Detailed contingency planning with plenty of options.
who you gonna call?
When the RFID mandate comes down, you'll need a partner ... or two or three. But how do you find those partners?
raising the roof
If you can't expand outward, you can always try up. How one company eased its warehouse space crunch.

Basic Training: tune in to the network
There are a couple of levels of detail—and criticality—to the subject of locating a new DC.
Big Picture: the uncertainty principle
Shippers, carriers, third parties and researchers spend enormous amounts of time and energy attempting to develop reliable distribution networks, yet the best-laid plans are subject to forces and events beyond the control of even the most sophisticated systems.
Fastlane: oink, oink?
Previous transportation bills have contained their share of "pork," to be sure. But the recent bill, larded with allocations for 6,376 such "special interest projects," set an all-time record.
Labor Pool: know your own strengths!
As you contemplate your next career move, there's nothing more valuable than a clear-eyed assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.
Outbound: take the long view
Did the price at the gas pump immediately following Hurricane Katrina get your attention? Good. Now here's some advice: Stay focused on the fuel.
Rfidwatch: RFID vendors pool their patents
Prospects for the rapid adoption of RFID technology received a couple of big boosts in just a six-week period this summer.
going to extremes
When you're in a race against time, it's nice to have someone else to coordinate things behind the scenes.
the distinguished gentleman from England
Supply chain professionals who travel to San Diego for the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals' Annual Conference this month will be able to congratulate Dr.
bike tracks
There are bracelets worn to support a cause—the Livestrong bracelets popularized by Lance Armstrong, for example—and there are bracelets that make a fashion statement.
dogged pursuit
It's tough to shake off a Bulldog.
homeward bound
With luck, two endangered Florida manatees will answer the call of the wild sometime this winter or next.
industry rushes to aid Katrina's victims
The federal government came under heavy fire for what was seen as a slow response to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, the worst natural disaster to occur on U.
new HOS rule may prompt court challenge
In what's starting to feel like a familiar scenario, the latest truck driver hours-of-service (HOS) rule appears to be headed for a legal challenge.
RFID on the fast track
It appears that the transition to Gen 2 RFID technology may happen faster than originally predicted.

Continuing Education

we're talkin' world class
The Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech, in conjunction with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, once again will offer its "World Class Warehousing and Material Handling" course early next month.
point, click and learn
The Material Handling Institute continues to add to its series of online courses, which are available through the Material Handling Industry of America's Web site (<a href="http://www.
you can start at the end
The University of Tennessee's Center for Executive Education will offer a pair of supply chain courses back to back next month.
3PL offers supply chain seminars
Third-party logistics service provider Exel plans to bring together customers, suppliers and other supply chain participants in a series of seminars to explore improvements in financial performance through supply chain management practices.