Table of Contents: May 2005

betting the store
Its opening punch in the bruising battle with big-name retailers was the launch of its snazzy George Foreman clothing line. Now plus-size men's apparel chain Casual Male is betting its future on a high-stakes distribution guarantee.
dude, where's my truck?
It used to be as easy as picking up the phone. But these days, finding a trucker to move your freight calls for creativity, flexibility and all the powers of persuasion you can muster.
money can't buy me … efficiency
Need to get RFID-ready in a hurry? Hiring someone to set up a "slap and ship" operation may sound like a good idea. But it's probably not good business.
they've got a lot to learn
Sure they're cheaper than you are, capable of working 24/7 and getting smarter all the time. But there's no need to dust off your resume. "Intelligent" software programs still have a long way to go.
the art of combat logistics: interview with Major Bob Curran
Hurtling down open highways in "Mad Max" gun trucks dodging fused bombs may sound like something out of a videogame. But for military supply chain specialist Major Bob Curran, it's all in a day's work.
the metrics: reloaded
The subject's still performance metrics, but our second annual survey looks at the topic in a whole new light … and once again finds there's more than meets the eye.

Big Picture: here comes the flood
Everyone who has worked in a DC is familiar with the problem: pallets and cases come pouring into the facility faster than you can unpack them, clogging the aisles and slowing operations even further.
Fastlane: taming the tiger
On Jan. 17, virtually unnoticed by the rest of the world, the architect of China's economic reforms died in Beijing.
Labor Pool: continuing education
As tempting as it may be to toss the conference brochures piled on your desk or delete those incessant e-mail Webcast solicitations, think twice before you do. They may represent opportunities you can't afford to ignore.
Measuring Up: how'd they do that?
Effective benchmarking isn't just about comparing end results. You also have to look at the entire process.
Rfidwatch: RFID 101
Students at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business will soon be lugging radio-frequency technology books in their backpacks along with the usual accounting and marketing texts.
Outbound: time to lean up your act?
At its most fundamental level, a lean approach to manufacturing entails just what you'd expect: stripping away the excess.
stuck in traffic? tough luck
We have some bad news for road warriors who frequently find themselves stuck in traffic: Hardship pay's going to be tough to come by this year.
who'd have thought?
It's a finding that's not likely to rock anyone's world, but a recent report from Accenture shows that nine out of 10 executives from the largest U.
flying jaguars?
There was a time when flying tigers were the only cats sighted in the skies.
it tracked their assets!
When a ring of thieves broke into a Windsor, Conn.
college bowl
And the answer is Penn State.
first among third parties
If your company's in the market to buy supply chain software, you may be interested to learn what the pros are using.
supply chains get the lead out
Consumers will soon have the comfort of knowing that the laptop they spend so many hours hunkered over each day is free of hazardous components.
no room at the bin
For the past several years, the Food Bank of Northern Nevada has often found itself in the painful position of having to turn away food donations because of inadequate storage space.
will the party ever end?
Third-party logistics service providers are more optimistic than ever about their future Ö and not without cause.
Teamsters target Wal-Mart DCs
If the Teamsters Union has its way, Wal-Mart distribution centers nationwide will soon be sporting the union label.
calling Judge Judy
Or on second thought, maybe getting Judge Judy involved isn't such a good idea.