Table of Contents: January 2005

running on full
After a long drought, truckers report that their trailers are packed and they're having to turn away business. Sure, they're breathing sighs of relief, but where does that leave shippers?
leap of faith
After a harrowing 18-month pilot project marked by painful setbacks and burgeoning expenses, you'd think Ed Matthews might be disillusioned with RFID. But actually, he's already making big plans for expansion.
you buy some, you lease some
With a fleet of 80 lift trucks, Bruce Mantz has the kind of buying power most managers would kill for. So why is he so sold on leasing?
bringing out the big guns
If you want to put satellite tracking technology to the ultimate test, what better way than to monitor four really big cannons moving more than 1,000 miles, by land, by rail and by sea?
curb your enthusiasm: interview with Kevin Ashton
Not so long ago, RFID promoter Kevin Ashton's biggest challenge was making believers out of the skeptics. But today even he's a bit bewildered by all the enthusiasm. Yes, RFID will revolutionize supply chain management, he says; just don't expect it to happen overnight.

Big Picture: more powerful than a locomotive
With virtually every analyst expecting freight flows to swell over the next several years, both national and international logistics networks are being strained to the breaking point.
Fastlane: no truck left behind
Given politicians' inclination to shift positions whenever the wind changes, there's no sure way of predicting what President Bush's re-election means for logistics operations. But based on the president's previous actions, I'll risk some educated guesses.
Rfidwatch: FDA wants RFID along on drug trips
Unlike the Department of Defense and Wal-Mart, which jump-started their radio-frequency identification (RFID) initiatives by issuing do-or-die mandates, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken a more subtle approach.
Outbound: don't take it from the "experts"
With RFID's potential to provide the kind of competitive advantage that sends competitors fleeing from the scene, it's hardly surprising that those who have "cracked the code" are keeping the news under wraps.
Labor Pool: should he stay or should he go?
Is there a way to balance a person's skill set against his or her personality and fit with the company's culture?
the tortoise and the tiger
Sure you've heard of Flying Tigers—the U.
e-tailers 1, stores 0
Looks like shoppers are finding cyberspace a friendlier place to shop than retail space.
pick up your pencils …
… you may begin your work.
high on Hill
The Material Handling Education Foundation Inc.
Home Depot "blown away" by TNT
As hurricanes ripped through Florida in August and September, employees of TNT Logistics North America, including many who were coping with losses of their own, rallied to keep building materials and other relief supplies moving to hard-hit communities.
coalition calls for clipping Byrd Amendment's wings
Worried that their margins will be further squeezed by export sanctions levied in retaliation against U.
RFID's the star here
Want to see RFID in action? One option is to book a flight to Milwaukee and then drive 30 minutes to Sussex, Wis.
top of the supply chain
Who's the runaway leader when it comes to supply chain best practices and technologies? No, not Wal-Mart—the megaretailer placed a distant fifth.