About DC Velocity

The DC VELOCITY Editorial Package
DC VELOCITY is the market leading multi-media magazine brand serving the specific informational needs of logistics and supply chain managers and executives. DC VELOCITY was the first to satisfy these executives' informational needs with comprehensive coverage of all aspects of logistics including internal logistics within a distribution center or warehouse, external logistics relating to the transport of goods and freight, the overarching information technologies that support and integrate the two, and the strategies that optimize logistics, thus providing companies a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Others have followed, attempting to replicate this content model, but only one can be first, and only one can be the best. Simply put, DC VELOCITY offers comprehensive logistics coverage at the hub of logistics as the leader, not a follower.

Each month, the editorial package provides information on:

  • Best Practices / Case Studies
  • Emerging Technology
  • Labor Issues
  • Management Trends
  • New Products and Services
  • New Market Research
  • Equipment Profiles and Reviews
  • Professional Development and enrichment opportunities
  • Columns and Q & A interview with Industry Thought Leaders
  • Special Reports, including:
    • Salary Surveys
    • Best Practices Awards
    • Annual State of the Industry Spotlight

Further distinguishing itself from existing business publications, DC VELOCITY's editorial voice is contemporary, and conversational, offering a refreshing change of pace from typically dry and non-compelling offerings currently in the market. Story starts are comparatively high, and story length is comparatively short when juxtaposed with existing business brands. Respect for the readers' time is paramount. The DC VELOCITY package offers them a trusted and reliable source of business intelligence that they can turn to and quickly draw the information that it of interest.

Congruently, the brand's look and feel is highly stylized and contemporary in design. Heavy emphasis is placed in graphic presentation, further providing "at-a-glance" opportunities for readers to secure information. In essence, DC VELOCITY is not just a new brand in a new market, but in fact, a new breed.