October 2012

The Future of Data Collection: How New Technologies Can Revolutionize Your Operations

Based on the results of a 2012 survey by Supply Chain Services and Motorola Solutions, this webinar reviews the future plans of warehouse companies for adopting advanced data collection technologies to automate processes and workflows. The results of this survey reveal new information about how data is gathered and used today to help companies better manage their operations. Attend this webinar and learn:

  • How 90% of consider data collection important to improving operations
  • The new areas where companies are planning to apply data collection
  • The greatest benefits companies are achieving from data collection
  • What new technologies companies are planning to adopt in the future
  • Why the majority of companies are planning to increase their investment

Advanced data collection technologies for automating warehouse processes and workflows will be discussed along with the role in their role in gaining visibility throughout the supply chain. The expanding role of data collection technologies will be used to illustrate how to gain visibility and increase efficiencies and deliverability for warehouses. By attending this webinar participants will gain first-hand knowledge of how the most advanced data collection processes and technologies help warehouses deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time.

Sponsored by

Supply Chain Services Motorola Solutions

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