Channel 3: Videocasts

13th Annual DC Metrics Study: How do you measure up?
Learn how firms are utilizing metrics to align with their corporate strategy as we reveal the results of the annual DC Velocity and WERC metrics study.
June 2016

State of Home Delivery Report 2016: Retailers' Brave New World
RSR's Paula Rosenblum presents the results of their benchmark of retailers' home delivery strategies, along with how well those strategies match up with consumer expectations. Watch this on-demand webinar and find out if your company is ready for the next generation of Home Delivery in Retail.
January 2016

The State of Logistics Report 2015: A Second Look
"State of Logistics Report" author Rosalyn Wilson discusses the report's findings and takes a deeper look at the trends that will influence buying and selling behavior over the next year.
September 2015

Small data, big impact: Lift truck telemetry
In this free webcast, Steven LaFevers, Telematics Solutions Manager, Yale Materials Handling Corporation, and David Maloney, Chief Editor, DC Velocity, discuss the advantages of optimizing fleet size and labor with small data insights and their value in the overall productivity equation.
April 2015

How Voice-Directed Work Dramatically Improved Multiple Workflows in an Automotive Distribution Center
Join us for this webcast to learn about Daimler Trucks North America's journey into looking at voice technology and how they found an answer with Voiteq and Honeywell's Vocollect Solutions, which provided the added benefits of Hands Free, Eyes Free directed work flow over their existing RF solution. Hear firsthand how Daimler was able to dramatically improve multiple workflows, yielding significant results in performance, cost savings and customer satisfaction.
April 2015

21st Century Distribution Management - A New Way to Monitor Work and People
Join us as Manhattan's Peter Schnorbach unveils the findings of an exciting new study, "UNbound: A study on mobility and the modern distribution manager." Key findings focus on how mobile are DC managers today? And could they become more effective if given better mobile tools to manage people and work? The answers may surprise you.
April 2015

Avoid the Sudden Jump in Shipping Costs

We live in an on-demand world. In the short time between a customer’s click and delivery to their door, the pressure is on. Sealed Air® provides solutions that optimize your operational efficiency and improve every customer experience. We lower operating costs and offer the largest global support network and supply infrastructure.

Sealed Air® provides a total systems approach that positively benefits multiple areas of operations to drive business value from the plant floor to the customers’ doorstep.

In this webinar, Sealed Air discusses consumer packaging preferences for E-Commerce as well as the implications of manufacturers and retailers in areas such as brand perception and customer loyalty. Webinar attendees will also gain insight into dimensional weight pricing changes which began this year and how Sealed Air® helps optimize packaging to keep shipping costs down while increasing customer satisfaction.

March 2015

Reverse logistics: Should you centralize or decentralize returns processing?
Dr. Robert Lee Gordon, Program Director, Reverse Logistics Management at American Public University, and DC VELOCITY Editorial Director Peter Bradley discuss the pros and cons of using centralized or decentralized returns processing centers. Dr. Gordon also takes a look at the future of reverse logistics with regard to new technologies such as drones, self-piloted trucks, and customer service robots.
December 2014

Webinar: The State of Home Delivery 2014 - Issues and Answers for the Retail Ecosystem

Retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and logistics providers provide their perspectives on the state of home delivery in this breakthrough industry survey and benchmark study. Join this webinar to learn how those companies are positioning themselves to address consumers' rising expectations when it comes to home delivery and explore perceptions of home delivery as cost center, a differentiator, or a revenue generator.

December 2014

Omnichannel fulfillment: What it takes to be a top performer
How far have retailers progressed down the omnichannel road? How are they responding to the new demands of an "anything, anytime, anywhere" retail environment? And what tools and technologies are they using to manage their operations? Our second annual omnichannel fulfillment and distribution survey, conducted with ARC Advisory Group, answered all these questions and more. In this webcast, researchers Clint Reiser and Chris Cunnane of ARC Advisory Group will join DCV Editorial Director Peter Bradley to discuss the findings of this timely and important study of DC operations that support omnichannel initiatives.
November 2014

Raise your Fleet Management Game: Activate your Lift Truck Assets
Activate your lift truck assets with Lift Truck Fleet Management: Gain a clear understanding of exactly what Lift Truck Fleet Management should be, what it is not, and the most common challenges faced by companies attempting to implement on their own. This webcast will help you decide if you are a candidate for Lift Truck Fleet Management and what activating the true potential within these assets could mean to your bottom line.
November 2014

How goods-to-person fulfillment is changing the face of distribution
Goods-to-person order fulfillment is one of the hottest trends in distribution. In a goods-to-person picking operation, products are brought to the order picker rather than the person traveling into the aisles to gather the required items. A goods-to-person system can help companies make great leaps in productivity, order accuracy, and inventory tracking while reducing labor costs. Ed Romaine, representing MHI's Automated Storage/Retrieval industry group, explains how this storage and picking strategy works and why it might be right for you.
October 2014

Automation Solutions - Robust Today And Big Bust Tomorrow?

One key variable that is often overlooked in comparing automation solutions revolves around expandability, or looking beyond the initial implementation. In this webinar you'll learn about the most popular automation platforms, including the infrastructure required for each, the initial cost and effort to implement, and how to factor the incremental cost and effort required to expand in the future.

You'll also gain an overall clearer understanding of what long-term variables should be considered when selecting any automation technology.

October 2014

5 ways to cut warehouse costs
In this webcast, Editor at Large James Cooke explains how warehouse and DC managers can reduce costs by applying some often overlooked techniques. These include building modeling, shuttle technology, do-it-yourself motion studies, discrete bin locations, and hiring temporary labor on a per-unit basis.
August 2014

25th Annual "State of Logistics Report": Light at the end of a long tunnel?
The 25th edition of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals' "State of Logistics Report" showed that 2013 was another in a series of ho-hum years that have marked the post-recession era. But this year is likely to be different. In this exclusive webcast, the report's author, Rosalyn Wilson, explains why she believes 2014 is shaping up to be a "banner year" for freight even though economic growth has not been stellar so far.
July 2014

How Seneca Medical Reduced Costs to Improve Profitability and Gain Competitive Advantage Using Vocollect Voice
View this webcast to learn how Seneca Medical, a medical surgical product distribution company committed to delivering unparalleled customer service, has achieved significant results in performance, cost savings and customer and worker satisfaction by using Vocollect by Honeywell voice-directed workflow solutions in its distribution centers. Vocollect Voice has helped Seneca Medical increase service levels while reducing costs, supporting the company's mission of continuous improvement to enhance customer satisfaction.
June 2014

What do DC managers want from systems integrators?
With more distribution centers automating their operations, demand for systems integration services is on the rise. These projects, which ensure that software and material handling equipment can "talk" to each other, can be costly and time-consuming, and they don't always go smoothly. To find out what challenges DC managers are encountering and what they believe are the biggest success factors for systems integration projects, we conducted an exclusive survey of DCV readers. In this FREE webcast, Editor at Large James Cooke discusses the survey's findings and what lessons can be learned from them.
June 2014

11th Annual DC Metrics Study: How do you measure up?
Which metrics are most important to DC and warehousing professionals? How does your own facility measure up against the competition? Find out as we present an overview of the results of the 11th Annual DC Metrics Study, conducted by DC VELOCITY and the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC).
May 2014

Designing Multichannel Fulfillment Operations: 5 Steps to Success
How do you optimize your distribution center to support multiple channels with different service requirements? How do you design an efficient DC when you don't know which channel will generate growth—or in what proportions? In this FREE webcast, Adam Mullen, multichannel retail industry leader at Fortna Inc., and DC VELOCITY Editorial Director Peter Bradley offer practical advice on designing cost-effective, multichannel DCs that can meet demand, regardless of which channel it comes from, and at the lowest total cost-to-serve.
April 2014

Evidence-Based Decision Making Begins with Big Data
In this webinar, Karl Manrodt, Ph.D., Georgia Southern University, and Kristen Wylie, Product Marketing Manager, Kronos, discuss the impact and value of today's Big Data strategies. They also cover how by gaining more visibility into your labor costs and productivity, you can not only uncover additional capacity but also better meet services levels and improve overall profitability. Discover the strategies that have yielded success for other companies and what tools are available to your organization to start taking action — right now.
March 2014

Using Labor Management Systems in Omnichannel Fulfillment
Retailers that engage in omnichannel commerce face some challenges that make it difficult to accurately and efficiently pick and deliver orders from retail shelves and storerooms. James Cooke, author of DC VELOCITY's monthly TechWatch column, explains how some retailers are using labor management systems (LMS) to address those concerns.
March 2014

The fulfillment execution system: a new paradigm in warehouse management systems
The rise of e-commerce and growing adoption of automation and software to solve order fulfillment labor, speed and accuracy challenges has spurred a shift in the traditional warehouse software model. In this FREE webcast, Greg Cronin, executive vice president, Intelligrated, and Dave Maloney, senior editor, DC Velocity, introduce a new, real-time fulfillment execution software model that utilizes adaptive workflows for optimized omnichannel fulfillment. Join us for discussion of drivers behind this shift and comparison of the new software model against conventional warehouse management systems.
March 2014

Gaining Supply Chain Excellence in the Food Service Industry. It's No Fish Story!
Listen to this webinar to understand how Beaver Street Fisheries transformed their operations into a state of the art distribution model and positioned themselves for continued growth in the highly competitive Food Service industry.
February 2014

Why conveyors are hot in a cool economy
Even in a slow-growth economy, sales of conveyors for manufacturing and distribution facilities remain strong. What are some of the reasons behind their steady sales growth, and what new functionality do today's conveyors offer? Join DC VELOCITY Senior Editor David Maloney and Merle Davis and Chris Graver, both representing the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA), as they explore the present and future of conveying technology.
February 2014

Found Money: How Modeling Technology Can Uncover Hidden Cost Savings in Your Supply Chain
Is there anything better than putting on last year's jacket and finding money in the pocket? The money was right there, but hidden just below the surface. Much like that money in your coat, there are numerous supply chain cost saving opportunities that are hidden just below the surface at most companies. Join Toby Brzoznowski, co-founder and executive vice president of LLamasoft, and DC Velocity Senior Editor Dave Maloney to hear real-life examples of how companies have utilized supply chain modeling technologies like these to uncover that money
January 2014

Solutions to Drive Warehouse Productivity
What would it take to reduce the overall costs of labor in your warehouse or distribution center? It requires more than just software. It takes a plan and the know how to implement that plan effectively. In this webcast, Eric Hepburn, Vice President of Distribution Center Management for Penske Logistics, shares proven techniques on how to devise a labor management strategy that can make a huge impact on your distribution operations.
January 2014

WMS: Still Going Strong
A recent survey of DC Velocity readers found that warehouse management systems (WMS) topped the list of software they plan to buy in 2014. In this FREE webcast, Gartner Research Vice President C. Dwight Klappich joins Editor at Large James Cooke for a discussion of current WMS trends and developments. Klappich also discusses why this software remains a key application for anyone seeking to improve productivity in the warehouse or DC.
January 2014

The challenges of RFID tracking in logistics
Despite all the talk surrounding the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags to track products as they move through the supply chain, only a few companies have actually achieved end-to-end visibility. In this FREE webcast, DC VELOCITY Editor at Large James A. Cooke discusses how companies are deploying RFID tags in their supply chains as well as some roadblocks and problems they face.
December 2013

The Future of Warehouse Robotics
Will robotics be the next disruptive technology in supply chain and distribution? Will robots change the way we think about distribution centers and supply chain networks? In this webcast, Tom Bonkenburg, a partner in St. Onge Company, an international supply chain engineering and consulting firm, and DC Velocity Editorial Director Peter Bradley discuss the latest available robotic technology, talk about the companies that are using this technology, and what the supply chain professional needs to know now about the possible future impact of this rapidly developing industry.
November 2013

What's new in AS/RS?
In this webcast, DC Velocity Editorial Director Peter Bradley and Senior Editor David Maloney discuss some of the automated storage and retrieval systems they've reported on recently, including some of the facilities Maloney has seen on recent trips to Europe. They also look at how AS/RS can improve warehouse and fulfillment operations.
November 2013

Same-Day Fulfillment: It's a Balancing Act
In this FREE webcast moderated by DC Velocity's David Maloney, Helgi Thor Leja, Industrial & Electrical Distribution Leader, Fortna Inc., will offer expert advice on moving to a same-day fulfillment model. Topics will include: compressing order fulfillment time for bottom-line benefits; the impacts of moving to a later order cut-off time; improving speed while balancing service and cost in order fulfillment.
October 2013

Are retailers ready for omnichannel commerce?
In this special webcast, ARC Advisory Group Analyst Steve Banker and Editor at Large James Cooke present the results of exclusive research that explored supply chain issues associated with omnichannel commerce. They also look at some of the obstacles retailers will have to overcome if they're to successfully ship e-commerce orders from their stores.
October 2013

TMS and the Art of Co-loading
In this follow-up to "A TMS is for sharing," his article on the hot topic of co-loading, Editor at Large James A. Cooke discusses the pros and cons of this practice, where one or more shippers share a transportation move to reduce the number of deliveries and cut costs. He also looks at how shippers can take advantage of transportation management systems (TMS) to facilitate co-loading.
September 2013

Harnessing Big Data for Enterprise-Scale Optimization
This videocast explores how companies can create realistic models of their entire enterprise to enable better decisions and how companies harness "big data" to model, optimize and analyze their end-to-end supply chain operations.
July 2013

An in-depth look at the 24th Annual "State of Logistics Report"
The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals' annual "State of Logistics Report" is considered by many to be the most comprehensive benchmark of U.S. logistics activity available. In this webcast hosted by DC Velocity Senior Editor Mark B. Solomon, report author Rosalyn Wilson of Delcan Corp. discuss the 2012 findings and what they mean for logistics professionals in 2013 and beyond. A panel of industry experts—Beth Ford, executive vice president, chief supply chain and operations officer, Land O'Lakes, and Kevin Smith, president and CEO, Sustainable Supply Chain Consulting—also offer their commentary on the study's results.
July 2013

Item-level RFID reaches into the DC
More and more companies are turning to item-level RFID tagging to boost inventory accuracy throughout the supply chain. How will this affect distribution centers? Find out in this webcast. Michael Liard, Vice President of AutoID & Data Capture for VDC Research, and DC VELOCITY Associate Managing Editor Susan Lacefield discuss how DCs can take advantage of this increasingly popular technology.
June 2013

Put Your Freight Spend On Track
Drive your freight spend management beyond payment and spot audit to deliver the data you need to make smarter business decisions.

The continued volatility of freight costs and fuel surcharges has 70% of Chief Supply Chain officers working to streamline systems and improve collaboration, according to a recent study by the Aberdeen Group. Join DC Velocity and Syncada from Visa for a free webinar. Learn how your company can increase efficiencies and improve global visibility while reducing costs and enhancing carrier relations.
June 2013

10th Annual DC Metrics Study: How do you measure up?
Which metrics are most important to DC and warehousing professionals? How well do their operations perform against key measures of service, efficiency, cost, and quality? How does your own facility measure up against the competition? Find out by watching this webcast, as Dr. Karl Manrodt of Georgia Southern University, Joseph Tillman of Supply Chain Visions Ltd., and DC VELOCITY Editorial Director Peter Bradley present an overview of the results of the 10th Annual DC Metrics Study, conducted by DC VELOCITY and the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC).
May 2013

Smartphones and tablets: Ready for prime time in the DC?
Their low price point has some companies considering adopting consumer mobile devices for use in the DC. But it's not clear whether these devices are quite up to the task yet. In this webcast, DC VELOCITY editors David Maloney and James Cooke will explore whether smartphones and tablets designed for consumer applications are suitable for use in distribution processes. They will also look at some other mobile technologies that are making an impact within the warehouse.
April 2013

Order picking in a high-growth environment: Value Drug Mart's experience
Value Drug Mart, an Alberta-based alliance of independent pharmacies, is experiencing rapid growth. The accompanying increase in order volumes created several challenges for its distribution center. In this webcast, Operations Manager Dwayne Bilawchuk discusses how Value Drug Mart met those challenges with a combination of automation and pick-to-light technologies.
March 2013

The Panama Canal expansion: What will it mean for you?
How will a wider, deeper Panama Canal impact U.S. importers, exporters, and the seaports that serve them? How will the market-share battle that's shaping up between West Coast and East and Gulf Coast ports play out? Will the lower cost of shipping all-water to the East Coast instead of overland via West Coast ports justify the longer transit time? Our panel of maritime and intermodal industry experts will explore those questions and more.
February 2013

WMS: What to watch for in 2013
What does the future hold for warehouse management systems (WMS)? James Cooke, DC VELOCITY TechWatch columnist and editor of CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly, offers his predictions about important WMS developments that are likely to impact logistics and supply chain operations in the year ahead. DC VELOCITY Editorial Director Peter Bradley moderates this informative discussion.
January 2013

Sustainable logistics: You can turn "green" into gold
Think sustainable logistics is just a fad or catchphrase du jour? This webcast will change your mind! First, you'll learn from Jason Mathers of Environmental Defense Fund why "green" should be part of your long-term logistics strategy. Then, hear how a major online retailer's unusual DC retrofit helped it achieve out-of-this-world energy savings. This informative presentation will be held Thursday, December 13 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern / 11:00 a.m. Pacific.
December 2012

Cut Your International Shipping Process by up to 50%
Get the latest international shipping essentials from two of the industry's foremost shipping experts. USPS executive Frank Cebello brings you up to date on export-monitoring regulations, lithium-battery policy, and more. DYMO Endicia co-founder Amine Khechfe arms you with exciting ways to improve your margins and cut your international shipping process by up to 50%.
December 2012

Reverse Logistics and Sustainability
A good reverse logistics strategy not only ensures the capture of as much value as possible from products that come back through the supply chain, but in the case of such products as electronics and chemicals also includes processes for responsible disposal. In this webcast, Editorial Director Peter Bradley and Dr. Dale Rogers of Rutgers University will discuss how reverse logistics can play an important role in a company's sustainability efforts.
November 2012

Discover Hidden Treasure in Your Distribution Center
This webinar will focus on how distribution centers can take advantage of the latest mobility trends and technologies, as well as what to look for in best-of-breed WMS solutions to discover that hidden treasure within their operations.
November 2012

The Future of Data Collection: How New Technologies Can Revolutionize Your Operations
Based on the results of a 2012 survey by Supply Chain Services and Motorola Solutions, this webinar reviews the future plans of warehouse companies for adopting advanced data collection technologies to automate processes and workflows. The results of this survey reveal new information about how data is gathered and used today to help companies better manage their operations.
October 2012

Parcel shipping takes to the cloud
For parcel shippers and service providers, the returns on investing in Web-based "cloud" computing can be as rapid as they are significant. This webcast will examine the power of the cloud, the challenges of converting to the platform, and the advantages that can be gained from doing so.
October 2012

"Driverless" forklifts: efficiency booster or gimmick?
This webcast provides an overview of the market solutions for "driverless" robotic forklifts and how this technology is unfolding for distribution operations involving full-case picking applications. Marc Wulfraat, President of MWPVL International, a supply chain and logistics consulting firm, discusses how this technology works, when the technology makes economic sense, and whether these vehicles live up to the hype.
September 2012

The Container Store revs up productivity with voice-directed picking
When The Container Store switched from an RF system to voice-directed picking for its retail and direct-to-consumer orders, overall productivity at its DC jumped by 10 percent, and by as much as 15 percent in some areas. In this webcast, Christy Parra, director of logistics systems at The Container Store, and Jeff Slevin, chief operating officer of Lucas Systems, explain how the purveyor of home organizing products made those impressive gains.
August 2012

Metrics Under the Microscope - How to Best Optimize the DC
Join Karl B. Manrodt, Ph.D., Professor of Logistics at Georgia Southern University, and DC Velocity Senior Editor David Maloney as they discuss the results of a recent survey of benchmarking measures among Warehousing Educational Research Council (WERC) members and DC Velocity readers.
August 2012

Made in the U.S.A. again: Is "reshoring" right for you?
Join Harry Moser, founder of the nonprofit Reshoring Initiative, and Editor at Large James Cooke for a discussion of why and how companies should consider the total cost picture when deciding where to source products, parts, and materials.
June 2012

Nature's Best: The Value of Voice in Managing Growth and Containing Costs
View this webcast to learn how Nature's Best, the nation's largest privately-owned wholesaler-distributor of natural and organic products, has driven significant results in performance, cost savings and customer satisfaction through using Vocollect Voice in its facilities.
June 2012

The 23rd annual "State of Logistics Report": A deeper dive
The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals' annual "State of Logistics Report" is considered by many to be the most comprehensive benchmark of U.S. logistics activity available. In this special webcast hosted by DC Velocity Senior Editor Mark B. Solomon, report author Rosalyn Wilson of Delcan Corp. will discuss the 2011 findings and what they mean for logistics professionals in 2012 and beyond. A panel of industry experts—Joseph Gallick of study sponsor Penske Logistics, John Lanigan of BNSF Railway, and Richard H. Thompson of Jones Lang LaSalle—will also offer their commentary on the study's results.
June 2012

2012 Salary Survey: How much are you worth?
Results of our 2012 Salary Survey show that salaries are up and job satisfaction is high. Why such positive results in a still-sluggish economy? Is what you earn comparable to your peers? How can you increase your value to an employer? Don Jacobson, senior partner at Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters; Susan Rider, president of Rider & Associates; and DCV Associate Managing Editor Susan K. Lacefield will answer these and other key career questions.
May 2012

Ninth Annual DC Metrics Study: How does your DC measure up?
Join Dr. Karl Manrodt of Georgia Southern University, Kate Vitasek of Supply Chain Visions and the University of Tennessee's Center for Executive Education, Joseph Tillman of Supply Chain Visions, and DC VELOCITY Editorial Director Peter Bradley for a look at the results of our Ninth Annual DC Metrics Study.
May 2012

"Dude, where's my driver?"
Join DC VELOCITY Senior Editor Mark B. Solomon, Gordon Klemp of the National Transportation Institute, and Henry E. Seaton of Seaton & Husk LP for a discussion about the impact of government regulation and other trends on truck driver hiring, retention, and compensation. This informative, LIVE presentation will be held Wednesday, March 21, at 3:00 pm EDT / Noon PDT.
March 2012

Cloud-Based WMS: Is it Ready for Prime Time?
DC VELOCITY Editor at Large James Cooke and Frank Camean, founder of the systems integrator 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group, discuss the pros and cons of cloud-based WMS solutions.
February 2012

Tips for Effective Lift Truck Training
DC VELOCITY Editorial Director Peter Bradley and Travis Rhoden, Editor of J. J. Keller & Associates Inc.'s Workplace Safety, discuss how to develop a sound forklift driver training program.
January 2012

Measuring Sustainability in the Warehouse
Join DC Velocity Editorial Director Peter Bradley and Richard Bank of the Sustainable Supply Chain Foundation for a look at why investment in sustainability is proving to be a sound business practice. Then listen in as Ron Massman of The Dependable Companies discusses a successful environmental project at his company's main distribution center.
December 2011

Build a Better Parcel Solution with Regional Services
Join DC Velocity Senior Editor Mark Solomon and three parcel industry experts for a discussion on how regional carriers can help make your parcel spend go farther without compromising your service levels.
December 2011

Sortation Systems: Sorting Through the Options
Join DC Velocity Editorial Director Peter Bradley and Paul Faber of Tompkins Associates as they explore the various types of sortation systems along with some of the equipment and design issues to consider when making a selection.
November 2011

How to Unleash Profits by Improving Reverse Logistics
Learn how your company can effectively manage reverse logistics to find hidden profits, improve customer satisfaction and minimize liabilities.
November 2011

Taking Automated Storage to New Heights
Join DC Velocity's editors as we discuss the advantages of today's automated storage systems with Brent Tymensky, vice president of design engineering at the systems integrator Fortna.
November 2011

Cardinal Health's Voice Technology Journey – Moving from First-Generation Voice to Voice-Plus
Hear how Cardinal Health has successfully moved to the next generation of mobile voice-directed systems.
November 2011

Beyond Basic TMS
Gartner analyst C. Dwight Klappich will give his advice on what shippers in the market for a new or upgraded TMS should look for in a package.
October 2011

Labor Management Storm Watch: Preparing for the Road Ahead
The labor management storm of strict regulation and rising overhead is here, and logistics companies like yours are scrambling to take cover. At the same time, you need to find new ways to increase your workforce's productivity, while avoiding unnecessary costs.
September 2011

Replacing Paper-based Operations with Intermec Mobility Solutions
Watch this webinar and learn how Intermec and PathGuide Warehouse Management Solutions helped IRLY Distributors boost warehouse productivity and improve customer satisfaction.
September 2011

Value Added Strategies for Today's Challenging Distribution Channel
This webcast provides an overview of the challenges that wholesale distributors face in complying with customer-specific requirements.
June 2011

Trends in Supply Chain Management
In this video presentation, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals CEO and President Rick D. Blasgen discusses the importance of supply chain management to business success, supply chain trends CSCMP is seeing around the world, and how global supply chains drive change.
May 2011

Question: What is IBM Cloud Computing Optimization and Analytics?
IBM Watson Answer: Learn how companies are dealing with transformative events in their logistics network and managing uncertainty in a turbulent market.
April 2011

RFID in the Supply Chain – Practice and Adoption
In this webcast you'll learn how to gain total visibility through RFID flexibility.
September 2010

Real Time Mobility – Cost Effective Solutions for Distribution
Explore wireless and mobile solutions that can improve your operations and offer a fast return on investment.
August 2009

Transportation Procurement & Payment: Righting the Ship in the Middle of the Storm
Tune into this webinar to hear highlights from Aberdeen Group's compelling research study and report, Transportation Procurement & Payment: Righting the Ship in the Middle of the Storm.
April 2009

How to Thrive in an Economic Downturn
Learn what you can (and should) do now to be sure you and your operation are perfectly positioned to survive the current economic environment and poised to reach greater success as the market rebounds.
January 2009

Right Products, Right Customer – Achieving Quality Control in Shipping
Moderated by David Maloney, senior editor of DC VELOCITY, this informative session will show you how Zebra Communications and its partner EMP Technical Group designed a solution for a tool and die manufacturer that assures 100 percent shipping accuracy.
December 2008

Revolutionize Your Distribution Operations
Moderated by David Maloney, senior editor of DC VELOCITY, this informative session will show you how integrated inventory management solutions can revolutionize your distribution operations.
September 2008

Metrics – How Do You Measure Up?
Moderated by Peter Bradley, editorial director of DC VELOCITY, this informative session features Karl B. Manrodt, associate professor of logistics at Georgia Southern University, and Kate Vitasek, managing partner of Supply Chain Visions. Karl and Kate will present the results of their fifth annual study on warehouse metrics.
May 2008

See New Possibilities in Order Fulfillment Emerge
During a 30-minute videocast filmed in front of an audience on the NA08 show floor, Bertlesmann Direct's Vice President of Operations David Piersma outlined the company's order fulfillment challenge and its eventual solution: creating a dynamic slotting system using SI Systems' software suite.
April 2008

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