Channel 2: Video Case Histories

Awesome for Ashby
Toyota forklifts provide the muscle to keep up with the lumber demands of contractors in California's Bay Area.
Presented by Toyota
September 2016

Sweet success
Butternut Mountain Farm keeps maple syrup flowing with the help of Toyota forklifts.
Presented by Toyota
August 2016

Complete fleet
Simplex, a Canadian rental house, is switching forklift brands to provide better quality to its clients.
Presented by Toyota
July 2016

Crunch time
A fleet of 33 Toyota forklifts keeps snacks and soft drinks on the move in Southern California.
Presented by Toyota
June 2016

Newegg hatches a smart and scalable fulfillment system
Perfect Pick has doubled productivity, improved security, and provided near-perfect order accuracy for this leading computer components and electronics e-tailer.
Presented by Opex
June 2016

Miles of tiles
Beautiful tile products from Megatrade grace the floors and walls of distinctive homes. Toyota forklifts make sure they are handled with care.
Presented by Toyota
May 2016

Silicon Valley slick
JIT Transportation is a leading third-party distributor in the land of high tech.
Presented by Toyota
April 2016

Island time
Miami-based Viking Freight Consolidators finds Toyota forklifts to be the ideal workhorse for handling Caribbean imports and exports.
Presented by Toyota
March 2016

Ice at the Reddy
Toyota forklifts assure ice manufacturing and distribution stays on pace at the nation's largest commercial ice manufacturer.
Presented by Toyota
February 2016

From potato chips to electric generators
Being a 3PL requires Pacific Mountain Logistics to adapt to any product mix required for clients. Its Toyota forklifts have the versatility to lighten the load.
Presented by Toyota
January 2016

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