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WMS helps Pitman Creek tackle the challenges of growth
Proliferating SKUs were creating headaches for fishing gear company Pitman Creek. But with new warehousing software, things are going swimmingly.
Startup Takeoff Technologies is ready to revolutionize e-grocery segment
A new model for grocery distribution has the potential to alter the way we shop for the things we eat.
Report lists three ways to get more value from your WMS
Know your supply chain complexity, name an in-house expert, and plan to integrate the WMS with other software, IDC says.
That sounds like a job for ... an AGV!
At its new dietary supplement plant, Amway needed a way to move goods in and out of cleanrooms while limiting human touches. The answer? Automated guided vehicles.
A razor-sharp strategy for distribution
In a reversal of the usual chain of events, e-tailer Dollar Shave Club cut ties with its 3PL and built two automated DCs so it could take charge of its own fulfillment operations.
Intelligrated launches software platform for robotic palletizing systems
IntelliGen application could allow warehouses to handle wider range of products and packaging options.
Numina Group releases multifunction WMS
Alliance with Ehrhardt + Partner could help customers integrate WMS software with warehouse automation products.
A hot new system for cold storage
When it outgrew its main production and distribution facility, Mydibel, a Belgian producer of frozen potato products, built an automated high-bay warehouse with a state-of-the-art storage and retrieval system.
WMS puts a charge into electrical distributor's operations
Moving to a warehouse management system and scanners has improved picking speed and accuracy at Becker Electric Supply.
Oracle buys cloud WMS provider LogFire
Merger could help Oracle build supply chain suite to compete with Manhattan, JDA.

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