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Safety first: Interview with J. Scott Bicksler
Keeping people safe has been the focus of Scott Bicksler's career, first in the U.S. Army and now with a national temporary staffing agency.
MonarchFx partners with NFI to build first DC
Highly automated facility will be first node in planned e-commerce fulfillment network, firm says.
Before you dig: 11 questions to ask before breaking ground on a new DC
With complex DC design and construction projects, small oversights can lead to big holdups and delays. Asking the right questions beforehand can help keep your project on track.
Which supply chain innovations are ready for the mainstream?
A new report from Gartner Inc. identifies nine new technologies and strategies that it predicts will see widespread adoption by 2022.
CenterPoint acquires largest warehouse in Miami-Dade County
Located on 59 acres, the facility offers direct access to several major trucking routes.
Micro-warehouses bring fulfillment closer to customer
Startup builds robotic DCs inside shipping containers.
Infographic: Taking stock
E-commerce has brought DC management to a tipping point. For the first time, our annual DC and warehouse survey shows companies are changing how they measure success. Here are some of the study's highlights.
Top tips on how to handle the 2017 peak shipping season
Sharing lessons learned from past peaks can help shippers and their service providers survive the make-or-break holiday rush.
Toyota begins $17.5 million expansion of North American HQ
Columbus, Ind., forklift facility will consolidate external warehouses onsite in bid to cut internal logistics routes.
Amazon joins driver on-boarding portal to recruit owner-operators
E-tailer forecasts up to 30,000 independent drivers to support last-mile services.

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