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The soft skills of logistics: interview with Candace Holowicki
Candace Holowicki was tasked with bringing TriMas Corp.'s global logistics operations under corporate control. Her battles, and ultimately her success, demonstrated how logistics can be two parts psychology and one part process.
TMW integrates its software with 123Loadboard
Transportation management system now links with freight matching service.
A razor-sharp strategy for distribution
In a reversal of the usual chain of events, e-tailer Dollar Shave Club cut ties with its 3PL and built two automated DCs so it could take charge of its own fulfillment operations.
Project44, McLeod Software team up in API deal
McLeod to incorporate data interchange technology in TMS.
HaulFox launches TMS platform
Dallas startup targets 3PLs with single-portal access to range of transportation tools.
Titanium Transportation installs BlackBerry Radar on trailers
Transportation firm to tag 1,300-unit fleet with tracking system.
Princeton TMX adds new user
Port Townsend Paper Co. will use cloud-based transportation management system.
10-4 Systems integrates with Oracle TMS
Oracle users gain improved onboarding and shipment data access.
Logistics technology: Where is it headed?
Four IT folks from different walks of logistics life offer their views on what is fast becoming a core element of the supply chain.
TMW Systems updates routing and scheduling tool
Appian DirectRoute integrated with new mileage and mapping information.

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