Supply Chain Management

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The return of manufacturing
Many anticipate factories returning to America. They will return, but they will look very different from those of the past.
Rumblings in the DC: The cost of runaway minimum wages
We can dither about raising the minimum wage all we want. But the laws of supply and demand will have a far bigger effect on pay than anything we decide.
Disrupting dystopia
With its formidable delivery capabilities, Amazon is creating something of a dystopia in the retail supply chain. But rival retailers don't have to invest in drones or underground tunnels to stay in the game.
Still fighting the omnichannel battle
The pressing need to learn how to handle omnichannel fulfillment profitably is reshaping retailers' supply chain strategies, according to preliminary results of the 2017 "State of the Retail Supply Chain" study.
There is life after Amazon
Amazon may lead the pack when it comes to launching splashy, headline-grabbing supply chain programs. But some of its innovations seem to be solutions looking for a problem.
Chief of New York Fed casts doubt on plan for border adjustment tax
Dudley says scheme to fully tax sale of retailers' goods could have "unintended consequences."
Lean and green in the Netherlands
A Dutch carbon-reduction initiative has had positive effects on the environment throughout Europe.
The year of living disruptively
2017 is shaping up to be a tipping point when it comes to disruptive technologies. And not in the way you're probably thinking.
Michigan school wins supply chain challenge
Business students from Grand Valley State University solve tricky logistics problems.
Fun and games in the supply chain
Everyone knows our work is deadly serious, with enterprise survival hanging in the balance. That's precisely why we need to step back and look for the humor in our workaday world.

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