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Annual "State of Logistics Report" shows industry looking in cloudy rear-view mirror
Expenditures dropped in 2016 for first time in six years; logistics-spending-to-GDP ratio at lowest level since '09.
Amazon buys Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion
Acquisition gives e-tailing giant access to more than 460 brick-and-mortar stores.
Supply chain visibility writ large
Flex's unique "collaboration wall" makes real-time supply chain data from multiple sources visible at a glance.
Technology: Trending to the inevitable
The evidence is piling up that technology is about to rock your world. In fact, the tech trends that will drive the upheaval are already in motion.
Gartner analysts urge supply chain executives to "aspire, challenge, and transform"
Conference suggests strategies for taking advantage of disruptive technologies.
The soft skills of logistics: interview with Candace Holowicki
Candace Holowicki was tasked with bringing TriMas Corp.'s global logistics operations under corporate control. Her battles, and ultimately her success, demonstrated how logistics can be two parts psychology and one part process.
A promise best broken
Throughout his campaign, Trump promised to withdraw from NAFTA, which he once called "the worst deal ever." Let's hope he reneges on that one.
Air cargo and global value chains: Made for each other
World trade's backbone is ideally suited for air, which gives hope that the mode's future will be brighter than its recent past.
A talk with Mexico's NAFTA advocate
Despite uncertainties about the treaty's future, Mexico's place in the global supply chain is secure, says the head of the country's Trade and NAFTA Office.
The Progress Group becomes division of Crimson & Co.
Supply chain consultancies to merge, expanding U.K.-based Crimson's foothold in North America.

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