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DHL unit tests program to manage returns of cross-border e-commerce
Pilot underway in U.S.-U.K., U.S.-Australia lanes.
Rubber soul: L.L. Bean gives lifetime returns policy the bounce
Citing abuse, the venerable outdoor retailer has finally put a halt to unlimited returns.
Online returns activity proves adage that bad things can happen to good products
Millions of online returns have "no fault found" attached to product, RLA says.
Study: in-store processing is cheapest option for retailers to handle returns
Managing returns in stores costs less and leads to faster resale than sending returns to a warehouse or 3PL, AlixPartners says.
Holiday returns volumes reach new high, UPS says
Surge pushes retailers, carriers to cut reverse logistics costs.
Many happier returns?
Returns are never easy to handle. That's why having a good strategy and maybe even a partner can help bring order to one of the supply chain's most chaotic processes.
With e-commerce returns on the upswing, pressure may build on DC demand
Can businesses optimize their existing networks, or will they need to go outside for their requirements?
Rinse, return, and redeploy
With the right strategy and IT tools to support it, retailers and manufacturers can mitigate the economic hit of product returns.
Reverse logistics gets its own bar code
The Reverse Logistics Association has developed a new product labeling protocol to expedite the repair, returns, and recycling processes.
FedEx acquires Genco in big push to match UPS, DHL in contract logistics
Move affirms FedEx strategy to move beyond transport into other areas of supply chain management.

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