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AAR, in policy shift, to oppose any effort to change truck size laws
Rail trade group had been mostly indifferent to moves boosting twin-trailer length to 33 feet each.
House adopts national trucker hiring standards in FAA reform bill
Second time in three years measure has passed House.
Spear, ATA president, tears into OOIDA over its agenda, tactics
Spear said he and family have received death threats, warnings of ATA headquarters being bombed.
House passes FAA reform with language pre-empting state rules on driver rest, meal pay
Attention now turns to Senate, which must now pass its version.
U.S. Chamber backs Congressional language ending state rules on driver rest, meal pay
Amendment in FAA spending bill would restore "national uniformity" to trucking, group says.
Fight to preserve state laws requiring driver pay for meals, rest time hits Hill again
Denham of California again carries ball for big truckers against labor, smaller fry.
Keeping on truckin', no matter what
It's a land grab for capacity in an ultra-tight market, and all ideas are on the table.
What, me worry about tariffs?
Many international traders are concerned about the possibility of a trade war with China. Their worries may be overstated.
Flood of cross-border e-commerce packages challenges customs authorities to keep up, ensure security
U.S. and other governments are missing trade and product data while struggling to identify security risks for time-sensitive shipments, customs broker says.
The unintended consequences of Trump's call for USPS task force
If the President's goal is to hurt Amazon, he may want to think twice.

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