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Barcoding Inc. expands RFID portfolio with acquisition of Danforth Systems
Deal adds Texas presence for firm's data capture services business, Barcoding says.
The secret weapon in the fight against fakes
Looking to protect your goods from counterfeiting? Product packaging might be part of the solution.
A natural fit
As sales skyrocketed, a Japanese specialty skincare and nutrition company needed a better method for processing 4 million shipments a month. The natural solution: automated systems.
RFID helps Lord & Taylor manage retail displays
When the bar-code system it was using to manage shoe inventories could no longer keep up, Lord & Taylor went in search of a new solution. It found what it needed in RFID.
Siemens introduces new RFID reader generation for flexible applications
The company's new Simatic RF310R, RF340R and RF350R readers offer easy commissioning through integrated setup help and easy migration due to additional air interface protocol.
RFID earns MVP honors for asset tracking
It has yet to fill its promise where inventory tracking is concerned, but RFID is proving to be a heavy hitter in the growing area of warehouse asset management.
Levi Strauss' "wonderful world" of RFID
The standards organization GS1 US has honored the clothing company's pioneering efforts to use auto-identification technology to improve inventory control and accuracy.
Rx for a better healthcare supply chain
The healthcare supply chain has long been plagued by waste and inefficiency. Could the RFID chip change that?
A rich history moving forward
What will the next two decades hold for the material handling industry? Driverless trucks? Innovations in robotic systems? Products beamed from point to point in Star Trek fashion?
Has RFID found a home?
Despite its early supply chain promise (and Wal-Mart's much-hyped 2003 mandate), the RFID revolution has stalled. Will the demands of omnichannel commerce reignite it?

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