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Reports show continued freight strength, higher rates, tight trucks
Truckload, intermodal indexes post solid gains, truck capacity remains tight.
Study: B2B industrial distributors losing ground to e-commerce sites
UPS survey says millennials prefer mobile apps and slick sites for industrial purchasing decisions.
The soft skills of logistics: interview with Candace Holowicki
Candace Holowicki was tasked with bringing TriMas Corp.'s global logistics operations under corporate control. Her battles, and ultimately her success, demonstrated how logistics can be two parts psychology and one part process.
Making sense of outsourcing
With something as complicated as logistics outsourcing, it can pay to bring the provider into the initial planning process. And yes, that may mean picking your LSP before you even get to the RFP stage.
In omnichannel, matching freight spend to inventory control, fulfillment is delicate task
A single, integrated shipping platform needed to address multiple fulfillment scenarios, experts say.
"Not your daddy's load board!"
Eons from their humble—and manual—roots, today's truck load boards are laden with more advanced technology and powerful features than ever
Brokerage uber alles!
Leveraging Uber-like technology, newbies like 10-4 Systems, Cargomatic, and BoxSmart seek to blaze a new—and inclusive—trail in the truck brokerage field.
XPO gets $700 million equity infusion from two Canadian pension funds, one in Singapore
Proceeds to finance acquisition strategy, XPO founder says.
Decline in FedEx's SmartPost volumes laid at the feet of Amazon's defection
No other customer big enough to move the FedEx needle, experts said.
One last attempt
Despite a string of failed legal challenges to the new freight broker bond requirement, one trade group just won't back down.

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