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They can get the job done
Seeking good employees with solid logistics experience? Look to vets to fill your squad.
NRF's "Big Show" rolls into NYC Jan. 14
Keynote speakers include Chobani yogurt founder and CEO.
Man on a mission: interview with Chris Andrews
After two-plus decades managing military logistics, Chris Andrews successfully parlayed the skills he honed in the Army into a management job in the private sector. Now, he's working to help other vets do the same.
GE enrolls 35 employees in MIT supply chain course
Management leadership students will attend mix of online and in-person courses.
Any corporation can act like a startup, MHI speaker says
Linkner tells annual conference attendees to "judo-flip conventional wisdom."
MHI speaker: Appoint a "chief disruption officer" for your company
Disruptive technologies will sweep industries from solar cells to smartphones to crypto-currencies, Singularity University's Roberts says.
MIT adopts "inverted admissions" model for SCM degree program
School uses free online intro courses to recruit candidates for on-site degree program.
On the path to innovation
Government and private industry in Thailand are teaming up to create the right formula for spurring growth and innovation.
Want to win a Volvo truck?
Women In Trucking group elevates trade show swag to a new level.
APICS streamlines supply chain exam process
CPIM Version 6.0 certification cut from five exams to two.

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