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Pallets as social commentary
Museum installation featuring pallet-based sculptures illustrates the declining role of physical labor.
The damage is (no longer) done
Complaints about product damage led food and beverage maker Jel Sert to seek out a sturdier shipping platform. A switch to CHEP's pooled half pallets brought an end to the problem.
Thinking outside the boxes
After nearly four decades of growth, The Container Store's DC had reached its limits. That's when the retailer installed a high-performance automated fulfillment system that has reshaped its entire operation.
Raymond launches Pick2Pallet Solution
The Pick2Pallet LED light systemis designed to help improve customer productivity and reduce picking errors.
For pharmaceutical DC, a healthy dose of automation
To assure that the right medications get to patients right away, Toho Pharmaceutical built a distribution center that is so highly automated most of the products processed there are never touched by human hands.
Dagnese, former Con-way Freight head, joins pallet-pooling firm Peco as CEO
Dagnese succeeds David Lee, who leaves after 10 years.
Who's the greenest of them all?
Makers of wood, plastic, metal, and cardboard pallets all claim their products are a sustainable option. So how do you decide among them?
Spanish cops seize cocaine pallets
Drug ring molds powdery drug into fake shipping platforms.
Scout strikes gold with patriotic pallets
Utah boy turns old pallets into decorative flags to raise money.
Paper or plastic? (or maybe metal)
Wood pallets still reign supreme, but they're not right for every application. Here's a look at some alternatives.

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