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Toyota launches scissor lifts in North America
The new line of scissor lifts are manufactured by AICHI, a subsidiary of Toyota Industries Corp.
Marble lands $4 million investment for food delivery robot
Autonomous vehicle shares sidewalks with San Francisco pedestrians.
The workers who came in from the cold
In the old days, workers at Thermo Fisher Scientific had to don cold suits and brave the freezer in order to fill orders. Thanks to a redesign featuring flow racks and "deli doors," that's no longer the case.
Casters inspire fight song
Historians find groovy tune (and logo) in company archives.
Getting around the warehouse tech labor crunch
The persistent shortage of qualified material handling techs can be surmounted, and it starts with some forward thinking, executives say.
Five clever ways to cut your DC's electric bill
Today's whiz-bang automated handling systems may be revolutionizing your DC operations, but they're also running up your power bill. Here are some ways to ease the pain.
Fetch Robotics adds larger warehouse models
Autonomous material handling bots can carry maximum loads of 1,100 or 3,300 pounds.
Fast-paced automated DC meets growing grocer's need for speed
For a Japanese wholesaler, automated storage systems and other sophisticated technology speed up the distribution of food and household goods to the nation's biggest grocery chain.
6 River Systems rolls out mobile warehouse robot
Collaborative Fulfillment System (CFS) designed for split-case picking operations.
RightHand Robotics launches piece-picking robot hand
Company also lands $8 million in venture funding to fuel growth.

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