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Master class
If anyone understands how to safely operate lift trucks, it's the companies that design and manufacture the equipment. A look at how they train their own employees reveals best practices any forklift fleet can adopt.
Video offers tips on dock safety
Animated short looks at common hazards as well as protective measures.
Toyota Forklifts introduces new heavy-duty trucks
New adjustable wheelbase forklifts can lift 15,000 to 80,000 pounds, adds safety and confidence when handling large, bulky, and oddly shaped loads like machinery, the company says.
Kalmar's new Essential trucks designed for Latin American market
The cargo handling company's Essential range includes reachstackers, empty container handlers, and forklifts.
UniCarriers introduces next-generation pneumatic diesel forklifts
Newest product line of 4,000- to 7,000-pound capacity pneumatic tire trucks designed for maximum operator productivity.
Raymond's reach-fork trucks feature new technology
The trucks now include a 7-inch multifunction color display with touch-screen functionality and an intuitive interface.
Keep it simple
Forklifts have gone high-tech, but not everyone needs all the bells and whistles. Here's how to determine when a more basic truck might be the right way to go.
Kion strategy adapts to digitization trends
Dematic acquisition and hot lift truck demand contribute to $9.4 billion revenue, firm says.
North American lift truck sales broke records last year, ITA says
Sales surpassed 250,000 in a year for first time in history, group says.
Virtual reality reaches the warehouse
Startup develops VR-enhanced training module for forklift drivers.

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