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UniCarriers introduces next-generation pneumatic diesel forklifts
Newest product line of 4,000- to 7,000-pound capacity pneumatic tire trucks designed for maximum operator productivity.
Raymond's reach-fork trucks feature new technology
The trucks now include a 7-inch multifunction color display with touch-screen functionality and an intuitive interface.
Keep it simple
Forklifts have gone high-tech, but not everyone needs all the bells and whistles. Here's how to determine when a more basic truck might be the right way to go.
Palomat AGV exchanges pallet data with driverless forklifts
The Danish manufacturer of pallet magazines has expanded its standard range with a new model, the Palomat AGV.
Kion strategy adapts to digitization trends
Dematic acquisition and hot lift truck demand contribute to $9.4 billion revenue, firm says.
North American lift truck sales broke records last year, ITA says
Sales surpassed 250,000 in a year for first time in history, group says.
Virtual reality reaches the warehouse
Startup develops VR-enhanced training module for forklift drivers.
Bee Sweet Citrus juices up its packing operations
As business blossomed, the California citrus packer began experiencing bottlenecks in its packing operations. A sophisticated automated palletizing system cleared the jam.
Safety first: Interview with J. Scott Bicksler
Keeping people safe has been the focus of Scott Bicksler's career, first in the U.S. Army and now with a national temporary staffing agency.
Trump visits Pennsylvania lift truck dealership
President promotes tax plan in tour of UniCarriers forklift dealer H&K Equipment.

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