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A Prime opportunity for warehouse antics
Amazon employees pick cross-dressing over cross-docking.
Supply chain's continuing image problem
New DHL survey finds changing job requirements, lack of respect for supply chain discipline hampering companies' recruitment efforts.
For DCs, the (hiring) heat is on
Amazon's explosive expansion in fulfillment center operations will drive up demand for warehouse labor. The question is to what degree.
Nine ways to boost warehouse performance (and cut turnover)
Looking to take your DC operations to the next level? Consider adopting these nine habits of high-performing warehouses.
New app helps drivers get healthy
Road warriors can now get coaching on nutrition, fitness, stress management, and more.
A few tips for beating the heat
Staffing firm offers guidelines for preventing heat stress and heat stroke.
DCs weigh workplace safety after shooting at UPS package center
Tighter warehouse security can deter theft, but preventing violence requires social awareness, experts say.
Report sheds new light on supposed end of U.S. manufacturing
More jobs created than lost since 1979; manufacturing gained 11 percent during various downturns, report says.
The times they are a-changin'
The latest annual DCV/WERC DC metrics study reflects the impact of a rapidly changing retail environment on DC operations and shows how people are valued above all in distribution.

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