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Safety first: Interview with J. Scott Bicksler
Keeping people safe has been the focus of Scott Bicksler's career, first in the U.S. Army and now with a national temporary staffing agency.
U.S. Xpress adopts Google technology to improve truck driver recruitment
Software allows drivers to complete job applications on mobile devices without long delays, company says.
Ryder lauded for hiring vets
Firm wins award for employing retired service members.
They can get the job done
Seeking good employees with solid logistics experience? Look to vets to fill your squad.
Study: millennials show dedication to supply chain careers
APICS survey shows 20- and 30-something professionals are more reliable than their flaky stereotype.
A Prime opportunity for warehouse antics
Amazon employees pick cross-dressing over cross-docking.
Supply chain's continuing image problem
New DHL survey finds changing job requirements, lack of respect for supply chain discipline hampering companies' recruitment efforts.
For DCs, the (hiring) heat is on
Amazon's explosive expansion in fulfillment center operations will drive up demand for warehouse labor. The question is to what degree.
Nine ways to boost warehouse performance (and cut turnover)
Looking to take your DC operations to the next level? Consider adopting these nine habits of high-performing warehouses.

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