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DHL launches 33-year plan to eliminate emissions
Company says it wants to be the market leader in green logistics.
UPS to spend $18 million on solar panels
Each facility in the plan will draw half its daily power from the sun.
Lean and green in the Netherlands
A Dutch carbon-reduction initiative has had positive effects on the environment throughout Europe.
The Home Depot's Michelle Livingstone on why orange is the new green
As one of the nation's largest truckload shippers, The Home Depot wields a lot of carbon-reduction clout with its carriers. It's Michelle Livingstone's job to ensure they carry Big Orange's freight as cleanly as possible.
UPS tests eBike delivery service in Portland, Ore.
Parcel giant extends German pilot program of electrically assisted tricycles.
California builds electric-vehicle corridor
Fast charging stations and smartphone app will enable long-distance electric-vehicle travel.
Not your typical "tree hugger": interview with Jason Mathers
Instead of seeing businesses as foes of the environment, Jason Mathers of the Environmental Defense Fund believes that they—and their supply chain organizations—are natural allies in the fight against climate change.
Volkswagen fines to fund "clean truck" initiatives
Automaker's pain may turn out to be the logistics industry's gain.
UPS to take delivery of 125 hybrid cars with two-cylinder engines
Vehicles designed for urban areas where long miles aren't an issue.
UPS to add 380 CNG-fueled tractors to U.S. fleet
Logistics giant's $100 million effort will also include 12 compressed natural gas fueling stations.

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