Facility and Equipment Maintenance

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That's the way the concrete floor crumbles
A frequently overlooked safety problem in your warehouse could be right beneath your nose (or your feet).
Getting around the warehouse tech labor crunch
The persistent shortage of qualified material handling techs can be surmounted, and it starts with some forward thinking, executives say.
GE pays $599 million for German 3-D printing company
Concept Laser GmbH makes metal parts for aerospace, medical, and dental industries.
Warehouses deploy ancient rat remedy: cats
While on warehouse patrol, these felines don't paws to pounce on hungry vermin.
The most dangerous areas of your warehouse (and how to make them safer)
The warehouse can be a dangerous—even deadly—place to work. Here's a look at some of the common danger zones—and a few tips for reducing the hazards.
Intelligrated launches material handling equipment-maintenance software
Application analyzes big data to predict breakdowns and repairs.
Safe and secure
Intermodal Cartage Co. put an end to its yard theft problems with a solar-powered perimeter security system.
In the future, who you gonna call?
In the rush to automate, companies don't always stop to think about who's going to keep their systems running.
LEED or follow?
While there are advantages to becoming certified for your environmental efforts, you can still reap the same benefits without the official stamp of approval.
10 packaging line pitfalls ... and how to avoid them
Just one mistake on an automated packaging line can slow the whole operation down or even bring it to a halt. Here's how to keep that from happening.

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