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Marble lands $4 million investment for food delivery robot
Autonomous vehicle shares sidewalks with San Francisco pedestrians.
Fetch Robotics adds larger warehouse models
Autonomous material handling bots can carry maximum loads of 1,100 or 3,300 pounds.
6 River Systems rolls out mobile warehouse robot
Collaborative Fulfillment System (CFS) designed for split-case picking operations.
RightHand Robotics launches piece-picking robot hand
Company also lands $8 million in venture funding to fuel growth.
The return of manufacturing
Many anticipate factories returning to America. They will return, but they will look very different from those of the past.
Market for industrial automation devices will nearly triple by 2025
Growth driven by automotive manufacturing sector, followed by food and logistics.
A3 picks eight finalists for robotics competition
Winner to be chosen April 5 during Automate/ProMat trade show.
Manufacturing jobs may indeed be coming "home," but who will do them?
A new AlixPartners report says that while more manufacturers are considering "nearshoring," they are also stymied by a shortage of skilled labor. Robots may well offer a solution.
Startups face off at "Launch Pad" competition
Innovators in robotics, automation sectors will vie for $10,000 grand prize.
Warehousing and logistics robot shipments climb fast
Study forecasts market will reach 620,000 units annually by 2021, up from 40,000 in 2016.

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