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Robots will collaborate with warehouse workers, not replace them, vendors say
Designers look to simplify robot operations by adding video-game-based interfaces.
Knapp expands North American headquarters
Georgia facility will host 150 new hires and demonstrate vision systems, robotics, virtual reality, driverless shuttles, and software.
Self-driving garbage truck could offer glimpse into parcel delivery's future
If a robotic truck can be used for pickups, could it also be adapted for deliveries?
North American robotics orders jump 32 percent in first quarter
Growth is driven as Amazon and GM invest in automation, industry group says.
Marble lands $4 million investment for food delivery robot
Autonomous vehicle shares sidewalks with San Francisco pedestrians.
Fetch Robotics adds larger warehouse models
Autonomous material handling bots can carry maximum loads of 1,100 or 3,300 pounds.
6 River Systems rolls out mobile warehouse robot
Collaborative Fulfillment System (CFS) designed for split-case picking operations.
RightHand Robotics launches piece-picking robot hand
Company also lands $8 million in venture funding to fuel growth.
The return of manufacturing
Many anticipate factories returning to America. They will return, but they will look very different from those of the past.
Market for industrial automation devices will nearly triple by 2025
Growth driven by automotive manufacturing sector, followed by food and logistics.

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