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22 million SKUs? No problem
Tracking and handling millions of new and used industrial parts might sound like the ultimate inventory challenge. But Radwell International's automated storage system makes easy work of it
Concrete results
An automated packaging line delivers solid performance for a Mexican cement producer.
Honeywell launches retail e-commerce fulfillment tools
Dimensioning scanner and voice-directed headset help retailers handle omnichannel demands, company says.
A razor-sharp strategy for distribution
In a reversal of the usual chain of events, e-tailer Dollar Shave Club cut ties with its 3PL and built two automated DCs so it could take charge of its own fulfillment operations.
CubiScan introduces a new advanced dimensioning system
Designed to capture accurate dimensions and weights for larger, irregular-shaped items, the CubiScan 325 creates a flexible and economical solution for demanding cubing and weighing applications.
Rice Lake Weighing Systems acquires Italian equipment vendor
Merger with Dini Argeo will open up European, global markets.
Three reasons your cubing and weighing equipment is more important than ever
These familiar tools gain new importance in an age of dimensional weight pricing, warehouse capacity crunches, and omnichannel fulfillment.
How to avoid a DIM future
Don't panic. Parcel dim weight pricing is coming, but there are things you can do to skirt parcel Armageddon.
A measurable difference
For global supply chain solutions provider Panalpina, access to solid weight and dimensional data has led to better, more efficient cargo handling operations.
That was easy (on the planet)
Customer complaints led Staples to adopt a new lean packaging system. As a result, the retailer expects to trim its carbon footprint by 30,200 tons a year.

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