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A battery revolution?
Lithium-ion batteries may be on the verge of a breakthrough in the material handling market, as prices inch down and warehouse and DC managers seek lower-maintenance, higher-productivity solutions.
Volvo takes delivery of Kion forklifts for US factory operations
Company says this will be the first complete lithium-ion powered forklift fleet to support automotive manufacturing in North America.
New lithium-ion batteries adaptable to all forklift types, manufacturer says
Romeo Power says flexible configuration could speed adoption of lithium-ion batteries in material handling.
Three ways to extend the life of your forklift batteries
Warehouse personnel can take simple steps today to improve battery life tomorrow.
Warehouse equipment manufacturer shares safety tips
Battery Handling Systems Inc. offers online resource for Canadian logistics industry.
Raymond and Brammo launch search for better warehouse battery
Lift truck vendor teams with powertrain maker.
Are there battery hoarders in your DC?
Some workers will try to keep the "good" batteries for themselves. It's not because they're dishonest.
Batteries and chargers: something new under the sun
Two product categories that haven't changed much in the last 10 years—batteries and chargers for lift trucks and mobile devices—are undergoing a transformation.
The most dangerous areas of your warehouse (and how to make them safer)
The warehouse can be a dangerous—even deadly—place to work. Here's a look at some of the common danger zones—and a few tips for reducing the hazards.
The allure of lithium-ion
Interest in lithium-ion batteries for material handling equipment is growing. Will they be limited to niche applications, or could they eventually replace lead-acid batteries?

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