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Transportation April 1, 2008

FreightScan FS100

FreightScan, LLC, which specializes in technology solutions for the freight and logistics industry, has added new functionality to its FreightScan FS100 automated dimensioning system for cargo scanning. The new features include the ability to use a barcode reader to trigger a scan and the ability to remotely trigger the scanning system.

Using a universal bar-code reader, the FS100 captures the information from the bar code, automatically populates the air waybill field, and triggers a scan—all in less than one second. The resulting dimensions are then associated with the correct air waybill in a database.

In addition to the bar-code functionality, FreightScan has also developed a powerful thinclient data solution that allows for a simplified wireless user interface to trigger a scan remotely from the FS100 terminal. This feature was designed for cargo operations utilizing forklift scales and facilities with operational functions that benefit from triggering a scan from the PC terminal without interfering with the work flow process.

Utilizing D.I.M.M. Tech (Defined Imaging and Multiple Measurement Technology), the FreightScan FS100 system enables cargo and logistics companies to collect accurate and reliable dimensions. It then calculates chargeable weight for multiple packages, in all configurations, with a single scan, in a matter of seconds. The system additionally captures a digital and laser image for 100 percent of scanned freight and incorporates that visual record with every waybill.

The FreightScan FS100 system is compact and installs virtually anywhere in a warehouse, 15 feet off the floor, to streamline the dimming process and maximize warehouse resources. It is capable of scanning a one-lot shipment in four seconds and a multi-lot shipment in six to eight seconds, delivering individual dims for each package to within one inch of accuracy.

FreightScan, LLC

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