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Transportation August 8, 2017

Paragon Software Systems Enhances Route Execution with Visibility of Sub-Contracted Vehicles

Paragon Software Systems, Inc.,? a leader in vehicle routing and scheduling optimization solutions, enhances its Route Execution module to help logistics operations gain added visibility of sub-contracted loads through its advanced routing and scheduling software. Data can now be combined from as many as 35 different telematics systems, making it possible to see in real-time how third-party vehicles are performing against plan in addition to the in-house fleet. Using real-time tracking information, Paragon's Route Execution allows logistics operations to monitor all schedules regardless of which vehicle is handling the deliveries, even if it is using a different telematics system to that of the in-house fleet. As a result, companies can achieve consistent levels of service across their entire operation, ensure customers are kept up to date regarding the status of orders and have a complete picture of on-time performance. This includes the ability to send automated notifications should expected arrival times change. Route Execution is one of the Paragon Live modules, which also includes Live Management Reporting and Waypoint Mapping. These modules can be used alongside Paragon's routing and scheduling software to help track the progress of drivers in real-time, help drivers keep to optimized plans, and share that data in real-time across an organization.

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Paragon Software Systems

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