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Supply Chain Management October 25, 2017

DURACODE Was Designed With The Floor In Mind!

DURACODE is a revolutionary new label that combines variable printing with proven floor marking technology in a very cost effective process. Chemically welded layers provide a shield to protect the print image and allow for barcode scanning. An industrial adhesive provides an aggressive bond for long term use. DURACODE is resistant to moisture, oil, chemicals, abrasion...and yes, fork lift traffic!

Available in many standard sizes or custom designed to meet your needs. DURACODE can be printed in colors and include barcodes, sequential numbering, check digits, variable or static text, graphics and logos.

Duracode warehouse floor labels are a tough, durable, harsh environment label with an aggressive adhesive that can also be used for:
• Racking
• Permanent Pallet/Tote ID's
• Equipment

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