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Supply Chain Management October 25, 2017

Cold Chain Monitoring 4.0 - every second live information: imec Messtechnik introduces tempmate.®-GS

Cold Chain Monitoring 4.0 - every second live information: imec Messtechnik extends its product range with tempmate.®-GS.
With the global innovation tempmate.®-GS for monitoring the cold chain in real-time, the company imec Messtechnik GmbH revolutionizes the Cold Chain and brings it to the level 4.0. Right now the official market launch is starting. It meets the requirements for a complete and high-quality temperature monitoring in different areas. The device can be widely used, especially in the fields of food, pharmacy, industry and logistics.
tempmate.®-GS revolutionizes the market.
Mechanical, later electronic measurement devices (data loggers), have been used for decades in order to monitor the cold chain. After arrival of goods these devices are able to provide with data of a temperature history. Until now it was only possible to find out whether the goods have been damaged or not in the end of the shipping process. With the new product of imec there is now possibility for a new and effective way to optimize transportation. The new product - tempmate.®-GS is unique. With the help of GSM technology, all relevant measurement data is transmitted continuously and in real-time, sending information about the condition of goods. This means that as soon as there are signs of anomaly of temperature, humidity, light or impact during a transportation, the device sends an alarm, which allows immediately to react and to save the goods. Additionally, it gives possibility to promptly provide a replacement delivery of goods if necessary, in order to be able to meet important delivery deadlines. Till now tempmate.®-GS is the only data logger on the market which has the possibility autonomously to monitor up to 90 days sensitive consignments in real time. With innovative sensor and communication technology, geolocation and real-time alarm system, it is perfect for monitoring the entire supply chain. The single-use data logger tempmate.®-GS monitors all relevant measurement data and transmits this information along with position data in real time to the connected Cloud.
The latest hardware on the most up-to-date technology.
The possibility to react in time, before something happens and, eventually, getting a record of a damage of goods, saves you not only from unnecessary stress but also saves you a lot of time and money. By using tempmate.®-GS goods can be protected from damage and therefore, a lot of money can be saved. Usually, if damage was discovered after the arrival of goods, costs for damaged product will occur, additionally, repetition of the order of transportation and the analysis of the defect which occurred. All these costs can be avoided by using the tempmate.®-GS.
The tempmate.®-GS provides all-in-one package. The built-in SIM card functions globally and is already activated - the included data options ensures the upload of all data into the cloud. There are no additional hidden costs. Hardware, Cloud access, SIM card and data options are included in the device price. The customer does not need to worry about data options, but can simply rely entirely on the "all-round carefree package" of tempmate.®-GS. Moreover, tempmate.®-GS is simple in use. If preconfigured parameters do not meet the demands, they can be adjusted in the tempmate.®-Cloud with a few clicks. Real-time monitoring and management of the device is possible at any time via the Cloud.
Due to the wide range of fields of application, the tempmate.®-GS can be used for all types of transportations: no matter whether goods need to be shipped by a plane, a ship or a lorry. Additionally, it does no matter what kind of goods should be transported: whether food, medicine or sensitive electronics, tempmate.®-GS is ready for use and can be adapted perfectly to every demand.

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