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Supply Chain Management September 6, 2017

High-Tech, Affordable One-of-a-Kind Lithium Battery Shipping Solution Now Available

A high-tech yet affordable packaging solution to meet the demanding challenge of safely and conveniently shipping lithium-ion batteries and products will be manufactured and marketed thanks to a new partnership of two industry leaders.

Labelmaster, a dangerous goods transport expert, and Procyon-Alpha Squared (PA²), a technology provider with extensive experience in aerospace applications, have teamed to develop and manufacture Obexion - a complete line of protective packaging solutions engineered specifically for shipping and storing lithium batteries and devices that contain them.

The new Obexion brand of packaging uses passive technology to achieve capabilities ranging from fire resistance to thermal, flame and gas management to full ballistic and pressure management that will mitigate risks by drastically reducing the potential for thermal runaways.

The one-of-a-kind packaging will be offered in multiple formats - a durable, multi-use metal design for larger size batteries and large quantities of batteries, and a light-weight, environmentally-friendly fiberboard box for single use and reverse logistics needs.

The Obexion line of packaging will not contain heavy inner packing components such as gel-packs, or heavy liners, and will not contain additional pellets, other voluminous fill items or outer packaging, thereby facilitating easy assembly and lower shipping costs due to reduced weight.

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