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Supply Chain Management September 5, 2017

Food Supply Chain Startup Verigo Launches New Quality Analysis Platform

Verigo has released a new IoT quality management system for improving freshness and reducing shrink of fresh produce in transit. The quality management system, dubbed Pod Quality, empowers growers, shippers, and retailers to enforce process standards according to a new standard quality metric: the remaining shelf life of each shipment.

"This is the first system that empowers growers, shippers, and retailers with actionable data to optimize post-harvest, inventory rotation, and routing decisions." says Adam Kinsey, founder and President of Verigo.

After 4 years of R&D, Verigo has launched the leading IoT platform to bring accountability, visibility, and actionable insights to the perishable the supply chain. The Verigo quality management system combines wireless "Pod" devices, mobile apps, and cloud-based record keeping, Pod Quality outputs actionable quality metrics stakeholders can actually use. By utilizing over 30 years of research from the USDA, and various shelf life studies with quality conscious berry growers such as Driscoll's and Berry World, Pod Quality translates the recorded temperature data into an actionable continuous quality score, called "Product Life". Product Life displays the relationship between a variety of variables -- commodity type, initial freshness condition, and overall temperature exposure -- and translates them to a single actionable metric via Verigo's Product Life Models.

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